Improve digestion, reduce belly and stomach gas

As for cooking it is essential to burn fire, same way for digestion our stomach burns fire that is called “Jatharagni”.  While cooking if you pour water over fire, the food will not cook, same way when we take water while eating our Jatharagni stops burning and indigestion happens resulting in gas, bigger belly and lots other problems.

When to take water? Classical time is 1.5 hour, meanwhile this time period our Jatharagni finishes doing its work and then we can take as much as drinking water we want.

If you feel thirsty and you have not to take drinking water, then you can opt for curd, milk, juice but not the water.

The last important thing, do not take drinking water just before the meal, maintain a gap at least of 40-45 minutes.



Remove acidity without pills

Often Doctors give pills to take empty stomach first in the morning to remove acidity. Other best solution is Saliva ( मुह की लार ), when it goes in stomach it reacts with Acid and calms that down.

Our mouth makes Saliva that is Alkali, and our stomach consistently makes Acid, so reaching Saliva in stomach is very important. Here are few things one can do to remove acidity:

  • Early morning don’t take acid like tea,  coffee and tobacco etc.
  • Early morning just take normal temperature drinking water sip by sip.
  • Throughout the day when you take drinking water always take sip by sip and remember normal temperature water.
  • Whenever you take food, chew enough that your saliva could mix in it.

With sip by sip — as animals and birds take water — you will automatically mix Saliva with the water and reduce acidity substantially. Never take water quickly, have patience, remember sip by sip, it will give you immense benefit.



Danger of eating Dahi Vada, homemade or from the market

If you have little information about Ayurveda, you may have known opposite foods — which should not be eaten together, if you do, you are inviting diseases.

For example, hot and cold should not be eaten together; any kind of citric food, Dahi,  Papad ( पापड़ ), Onion, Jackfruit should not be taken with milk ( Amla is exception ); Honey with Ghee turns out as poison, must not be taken together.

So is Dahi with Vada made out of Udad Ki Daal ( उड़द की दाल ), Udad and Dahi are opposite foods, enemies — may give lot of diseases, High Blood Pressure is one of them.

In fact Dahi Vada is popular recipe during Holi, almost in each Indian home it is made those days, so make sure you are not compromising with your health. I would say, heart patients must not eat this combination. Be well.

5 ways to be grounded and enjoy more of life

A conditioned mind can not be grounded, it keeps on picking up memories and starts playing with them. To be grounded means to be in thought-free state where only intelligence works. Here are five ways:

  • First is between your thoughts, be there.
  • Second, from where thoughts come, be there.
  • Third, bring the moment when you wake up from your sleep and are thoughts-free, be there in that consciousness.
  • Fourth, when you are in dream-less sleep, recall that moment and be there.
  • Fifth, always meditate on thoughtlessness.

There are other ways too like chanting a mantra effortlessly, observing the breath coming and going, being in a witnessing state, etcetera. Pick up “one” that suits you the most, use when you feel tensed, nervous or want peace of mind.

Iatrogenic death is caused by doctor, hospital or incorrect procedure

And they will give it a phrase “iatrogenic death” that a layman can not understand, what is it, they said so, must be some disease — just that.

While in medical treatment, if you have any slight intuition, something about doctor or their procedure isn’t going okay, please cross check with many doctors or hospitals.

225,000 per year, iatrogenic deaths, when this is about US then what about other developing countries?

Best knowledge resources, Ebola virus disease

Just few months back my distant neighbour died, aged around 35, leaving kids and wife behind. I heard that he had fever from past many days, one day his condition worsened, admitted to hospital and there he left everyone. If he or his family members could have known in time what kind of viruses he had been carrying in his body, perhaps his life would have saved.

If you know about few kinds of fever, update yourself about this kind of fever called Ebola virus disease, this disease is transferable from one to another — better not to touch any passing by animal, do not eat food bitten by birds or animals, do not eat raw meat and do not hug or handshake who do not maintain hygiene. As birds and humans keep moving from one part of the world to another, do not think a disease that is happening in some part of the world can not happen here.

How to ask for a favor

In Indian railway stations often you have seen a woman with a child, and while that woman asks you money she points to the child. And this child goes around in different laps throughout the day — otherwise what the “reason” of asking money a healthy woman can have.

So favor should have a “reason”, not cultivated like the above, but a genuine one — otherwise other person will feel cheated and think “you are dishonest”.

“If you do not favor me, I will take revenge” — this is like gangster, people of super ego may feel like this. If one has ego, die with it, don’t ask for a favor.

“Take this thing and favor me” — not everyone can agree to this if they are disinterested in your trading. If somehow few agree to your trading, it may create a loop, when they need that “thing”, they will favor again and again, whether you need it or not.

In sum up, favor + reason is a good approach. Without a “reason” it will be hard to figure out why you need a favor, and it will look like a command rather than a request.


Understanding “unconditional love”

Here is a meaning of unconditional love,  Juhi Chawla in conversation with Sadhguru. If you have any doubt about unconditional or love with detachment you can watch that. In fact it is the different meaning that we associate with different words as per our consciousness.

Unconditional love

A person broken by his or her family, I think, will opt for unconditional love because he or she doesn’t want to associate with anybody in the family.

Or a saint who doesn’t want to stay at same place or with the same kind of people, he or she will opt for unconditional love.

Or a professor who is loved by his students, will opt for unconditional love.

Conditional, Unconditional love

But when one is totally mad and deeply bonded with someone, he or she will not think about conditional or unconditional love, it is only when we are broken we start finding meaning.


Danger of Shabar Mantras

Give a gun to a little kid, either he will kill himself or kill you. Shabar mantras are like this, and day by day they are floating more and more on the internet: get your lost love by shabar mantras; take your boss under control by shabar mantras; destroy the life of your neighbour or relative. In one publication I read there are 100 crore shabar mantras. In all the regional language they are made, there is mantra for snake bite, there is mantra for headache or fever. For any problem you can find a shabar mantra, whether it is any animal, bird, human, angel, demon. or disease.

Almost in any Indian village you can find one or many people expert in shabar mantras. Some know few mantras and some know many mantras. Believe it or not. They either can make anybody’s life or take their life. No doctor or psychologist can trace what the exact problem the sufferer has.

You may have seen a person good in studies suddenly feels depressed and disinterested and it never leaves him; a woman falls in love with his driver; or a man turns mad about kamwali. Shabar mantra can play these type of havoc too.

If one is sensitive enough, they can quickly find out where is the change in energy, whether it is in body, or in mind, or in some place — and may find the cure sooner than who is insensitive to energy.

First came Sanskrit mantras. But with frequent misuse of them, one day Lord Shiva “keel (blocked)” those mantras, so that not anybody can misuse them so easily. As only literate could read the Sanskrit mantras. Later on, some Yogis started making mantras for illiterates in their local languages for cure and curse, and called Shabar Mantras. Lord Shiva did nothing to “keel” them, that’s why they work so fast.

DANGER IS, people may use them as they are easily available and easy to use. Good girl or boy can go with a wrong partner. A CEO or Manager can fail in their project. Relationship may suffer. Business may suffer losses. And these mantras also backfire if one doesn’t know how to use them properly. As they are easy to use, they can easily harm.