Story: Play of Ma Kali

How does God plays with human beings — it’s very hard to understand. Here a story goes: A King was worried over his daughter, her uncommon attitude and choices. Things went horrible when she grew up; King was able to fulfill all the eccentric wishes of hers but couldn’t get any slightest idea about what things and qualities she wanted in her prospective husband. King tried to her all the princes of far and wide but she refused to pick one for herself. Month by month King went restless and more irritated, consequently he thought to teach her a lesson.

He ordered his ministers to find a mad-man. Ministers ran their horses, and within a week they found a mad-man by look and by act — they knew that he was mad since his birth. So they drew him to the court and he was polished well to look good, and the King forcefully married his daughter with him.

In the very first night the princess went furious when she knew of what kind he was, she insulted him and moreover slapped him. The mad man felt a thunderbolt in his heart that his wife had slapped him. He wished to die at the very moment … and he ran and ran … and he reached a temple, went inside, closed the door and started beating his head on the stone, skin tore apart, nerves cut out and blood started pouring out and still he wished to die and continued…. Just when he was about to die, he heard someone is knocking at the door. He ignored. Knocking went louder and louder. He realised a female voice too. “Who are you?” he said. “I am your mother Kali,” she replied. He asked, “Why now?! You didn’t help me when I was mad and looked bad. Then why, now … now, you came at this moment?”

Kali said, “Close your eyes, and see.” He closed his eyes and was stunned, he found that he had been a worshipper of Kali for seven consecutive births and in each birth he had died by offering his head to Kali. Tears started flowing from his eyes, he opened the gate from inside, Mother Kali came in. She touched him on his head: his wound disappeared at the moment, he gained wisdom and sharp intellect , goddess Saraswati established on his tongue and was transformed into a very attractive man.

Mother Kali then said, “ this whole drama of your madness was created by me, ‘coz I wanted you to marry with a princess, otherwise it wasn’t possible — I created all the circumstances for you and now at the last moment of your death I rescued you”. And with a loving conversation mother Kali disappeared.The man didn’t remain the man, he had become something else. When he returned to the palace singing a verse in praise of the King — King couldn’t recognize him, his wife that rude princes who slapped him also couldn’t recognize … later on this man Kalidas disclosed everything and since then didn’t suffer any problem in his life.

How can I be single tasking?

Her alarms rings “trin-trin, trin-trin”, with half squeezed face she stops the alarm. Again the next alarm rings in the same sound “trin-trin, trin-trin”. In half sleep condition she forces herself to see the time, she sees the time, and once again she sees the time. She panics as if alarms are ringing everywhere, she throws her white pillow away and with straight chest and back sits in crossed leg position. She thinks to herself, “Today evening, after office, I’ll change all of the alarms sound with better ones, this ‘trin-trin’ is so disgusting!”

She takes a deep breath and looks over at her husband who is sleeping. She puts the fingers of her right hand in his hair, combs them, pulls them slightly and massage his head with little pressure, and with flat right-hand taps his chest lightly — it is everyday ritual to wake him up. “I need some tea” he says. For a moment, she stretches herself on the bed by legs spreaded and arms-up moving to front and back and leaves the bedroom yawning.

She picks the toothpaste and brush, and enters in kitchen, she takes two cup of water and puts it to boil for making tea, and she puts some toothpaste on toothbrush and with-it starts massaging against her front teeth, then back of teeth, then side of teeth. Water is still boiling, she dims the stove and goes to washbasin to spit, she spits. And she takes some water in her mouth and by manoeuvring tongue and mouth-air she wipes her mouth clean, she repeats it two times, then returns to the kitchen and she adds sugar, milk and tea-leaves in boiling water, all at once, and again she lets it boil for a minute. When tea is enough boiled she pours it through the sieve in two cups and goes to her husband who is now fully awake, sitting in the balcony on a chair.

She puts two cups on nearby table and says to her husband, “Your tea is ready.” While tea is still hot, she returns to bedroom, pulls the bedsheet away, dusts it off and spread it again on the bed. And arranges all the misplaced articles to their exact place. “When will you take tea” her husband says loudly, “In just a few seconds” she replies. She goes and picks the cup in her right hand, while taking few sips she goes to the cupboard where he has her clothes. Now she switches the cup from right hand to left hand, she turns-on the light and chooses a pair of clothes to wear.

She leaves a pair of clothes outside the bathroom on a table, returns the empty cup in the kitchen, she says to her husband “I’m getting ready”, and with a long pink towel enters the bathroom. The shower is on, she is wet and enjoying, she asks loudly “What is the exact time?” her husband replies “exact 7.30.” She thinks to herself “it is only 20 minutes passed since I’ve left my bed, now I’ve to get ready the children for school, prepare a light breakfast, complete the little pending office work which must be ready today, otherwise….” Wrapped in a towel, she quickly comes out from the bathroom, and straight goes to the kitchen and puts there some potatoes to boil for sandwiches. She says to her husband “Wake up the children and get yourself ready”, he replies “Okay”.

She picks the clothes from the table, comes in front of the mirror, wears the dress, puts some makeup and leaves from there in her wet hair. She goes to the children, kisses them and asks “Where are your school bags? Have you done your homeworks?” And says “there are your dresses, when your daddy comes from the bathroom, go one by one and get yourself ready for the school, while I prepare your breakfast.”

She comes to the bedroom, opens her office bag which she’s left yesterday while doing some office work at night, picks out the laptop, takes it to the dining table and starts it. She returns to the kitchen, makes sandwiches and prepares juice for children, coffee for husband and tea for herself. When the breakfast is ready, she takes a comb and comes to the dining table, while combing her hair, she opens the unfinished work and asks her husband who’s come out from the bathroom, to bring the hair-oil. She applies the hair-oil on her hair which are dry now and puts both the bottle and comb aside, and now she’s lost in her office work.

Her children who are now ready, with their daddy bring the breakfast from the kitchen and put it on the dining table. They are eating, talking and laughing while she is doing her office work. Now she picks sometimes tea and takes few sips or sometimes a sandwich and takes few little bites.

The clock is moving fast. It used to move much faster earlier when children were much younger. She used to do everything for them, they were so little they couldn’t go bathroom and toilet themselves, they couldn’t eat properly themselves. They were with her all the time, when she used to work they used to sleep or play in her lap. She were multi-tasking earlier. She is multi-tasking now.

सांख्यायन तंत्र Samkhyayan Tantra: Diksha Trading दीक्षा विक्रय

According Samkhayan Tantra, Diskha which is sold by money is called Rajasik; Diksha which is traded for Gyana (you make me learn this and I will make you learn that) is Tamasik; and third kind of Diksha is Sattavik which is based on a disciple’s Patrata (eligibility). Sattavik Diksha is of best kind, it is fulfilling and give all sorts of attainment.

All sorts of Tantrik Dikshas — in my experience — are mostly Rajasik, where a mantra and procedure is told in exchange of money. Tantrik Diksha are also Sattavik where a Sadhguru recognizes the calibre, capability or say Patrata (eligibility) in some person and give Diksha accordingly.

Dikshas which give Moksha (enlightenment) are never Rajasik or Tamasik, they are never traded — fever have eligibility for them, and they are given just by the grace of a Sadhguru.

Worshipping God, Puja, Havan, etc., during menstruation

Even if you have constipation, you should avoid going near to or invoking God, Deities, or other ethereal divine beings. Constipation gives bad smell to your breath.

The thing is “smell”.

They take your offerings via smelling them ( and via sight ), they do not eat physically — that’s why too we burn incense, offer beautiful smelling flowers like rose and others, wear clean clothes, clean the ground and nearby area. The body too must give good smell, bad smell offend them, that’s it.


Never smell anything beforehand that you offer to Gods & Deities by doing so you eat away yourself before the offering.

The to do list:

  • Ever worship empty stomach.
  • If you have constipation take enema beforehand.
  • Take bath properly and always wear clean clothes including undergarments.
  • Avoid worshipping and offering to God during menstruation.

No list:

  • No rules apply if you are an Aghori.



Improve digestion, reduce belly and stomach gas

As for cooking it is essential to burn fire, same way for digestion our stomach burns fire that is called “Jatharagni”.  While cooking if you pour water over fire, the food will not cook, same way when we take water while eating our Jatharagni stops burning and indigestion happens resulting in gas, bigger belly and lots other problems.

When to take water? Classical time is 1.5 hour, meanwhile this time period our Jatharagni finishes doing its work and then we can take as much as drinking water we want.

If you feel thirsty and you have not to take drinking water, then you can opt for curd, milk, juice but not the water.

The last important thing, do not take drinking water just before the meal, maintain a gap at least of 40-45 minutes.



Remove acidity without pills

Often Doctors give pills to take empty stomach first in the morning to remove acidity. Other best solution is Saliva ( मुह की लार ), when it goes in stomach it reacts with Acid and calms that down.

Our mouth makes Saliva that is Alkali, and our stomach consistently makes Acid, so reaching Saliva in stomach is very important. Here are few things one can do to remove acidity:

  • Early morning don’t take acid like tea,  coffee and tobacco etc.
  • Early morning just take normal temperature drinking water sip by sip.
  • Throughout the day when you take drinking water always take sip by sip and remember normal temperature water.
  • Whenever you take food, chew enough that your saliva could mix in it.

With sip by sip — as animals and birds take water — you will automatically mix Saliva with the water and reduce acidity substantially. Never take water quickly, have patience, remember sip by sip, it will give you immense benefit.



Danger of eating Dahi Vada, homemade or from the market

If you have little information about Ayurveda, you may have known opposite foods — which should not be eaten together, if you do, you are inviting diseases.

For example, hot and cold should not be eaten together; any kind of citric food, Dahi,  Papad ( पापड़ ), Onion, Jackfruit should not be taken with milk ( Amla is exception ); Honey with Ghee turns out as poison, must not be taken together.

So is Dahi with Vada made out of Udad Ki Daal ( उड़द की दाल ), Udad and Dahi are opposite foods, enemies — may give lot of diseases, High Blood Pressure is one of them.

In fact Dahi Vada is popular recipe during Holi, almost in each Indian home it is made those days, so make sure you are not compromising with your health. I would say, heart patients must not eat this combination. Be well.

5 ways to be grounded and enjoy more of life

A conditioned mind can not be grounded, it keeps on picking up memories and starts playing with them. To be grounded means to be in thought-free state where only intelligence works. Here are five ways:

  • First is between your thoughts, be there.
  • Second, from where thoughts come, be there.
  • Third, bring the moment when you wake up from your sleep and are thoughts-free, be there in that consciousness.
  • Fourth, when you are in dream-less sleep, recall that moment and be there.
  • Fifth, always meditate on thoughtlessness.

There are other ways too like chanting a mantra effortlessly, observing the breath coming and going, being in a witnessing state, etcetera. Pick up “one” that suits you the most, use when you feel tensed, nervous or want peace of mind.

Iatrogenic death is caused by doctor, hospital or incorrect procedure

And they will give it a phrase “iatrogenic death” that a layman can not understand, what is it, they said so, must be some disease — just that.

While in medical treatment, if you have any slight intuition, something about doctor or their procedure isn’t going okay, please cross check with many doctors or hospitals.

225,000 per year, iatrogenic deaths, when this is about US then what about other developing countries?

Light at the end…

The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. The tunnel is. — Author unknown