Top Notch Mantra Sadhanas to Attract Money

People often say that Sri Vidya gives both bhoga and moksha — it is true, How can Raj Rajeswari Ma Lalita Tripura Sundari keep her children in poverty? In fact no mother wants to see her children in poverty. But there are other sadhanas too, which are just dedicated to attracting wealth. There is no harm in trying them too one by one — you just need their dikshas from a competent guru and their authentic procedure.

Maha Lakshmi mantra sadhana

It is said, Maha Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati, are three main Goddesses — and out of them came other Goddesses. If you please Maha Lakshmi, she lives in your home; and you start getting the opportunities to create more wealth.

Ashta Lakshmi mantra sadhana

Asta means “eight,” when this sadhana gets successful eight types of Lakshmi start living in your home. These are (1) Maha -, (2) Dhan -, (3) Aishwarya-, (4) Saubhagya -, (5) Santana -, (6) Rajya-, (7) Vijay -, (8) Vidya – . Pls use “Lakshmi” as postfix in place of “-”. Rishi Viswamitra did this sadhana, they compelled her to come and live with him.

Other important mantra sadhanas are:

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How to chant a mantra in home

There are kinds of mantras, if you have made up your mind to test this science, it’s good. Mantra chanting demands a dedication, kind of passion, to grow your mantra muscles everyday. If you chant for a day or two then leave for a week then again start — this way chanting doesn’t work.

Why do you want to chant a mantra?

This is the first question to ask yourself. Is it for gaining purity and enlightenment? Is it for gaining power? Is it for attracting some God, Goddess or Apsara? Is it for gaining wealth? Or, is it that, you want everything one by one. Mantra science is supposed to solve all the problems in one’s life. So first, give yourself an hour or two and determine, What is your intent behind mantra chanting? Keep that in mind and select an appropriate mantra for it.

Mantra chanting on bed, in toilet, while talking to someone, while cooking and the like

Some mantras can be chanted 24×7 in any situation, no matter what you are doing. There is famous story regarding this of a saint called, Tukaram; he used to chant God’s name even when he would excrete. Like this some mantras can be chanted anytime and anywhere — they don’t have any limitation and no rules apply to them, it is another matter that you bind them in some rules, that you have to chant 125K times or so.

Is it a Tantrik mantra ?

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Brahma Purana: Soot Ji to Naimisharanya & Tells Origin of the World

Naimisharanya was a forest, pure and decorated with variety of trees, rivers, water falls, deers and other beautiful birds and animals. This place suited to the Rishis and Munis. So, once they collected there to do a Yajna for twelve years. Spiritual people from around the globe were invited to take part in. People were coming, taking refreshments, then joining in the Yagna.

Lomharshan aka Soot ji, disciple of Veda Vyasa, also came. People were gathered all together around him, touched his feet one by one, and requested him to take a seat. He was man of great knowledge and wisdom. People left everything and started talking to him, and put many questions and doubts to solve.

Origin of this world & many questions

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Brahma Puran: Origin of Word “Narayana” for Lord Vishnu

There are many mantras which use the word “Narayan” like “Om Paramtatvaya Narayanay Gurubhyo Namah (ॐ परम तत्त्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नमः )”, “Om Namo Narayan (ॐ नमो नारायण) ” and many other mantras. These sattvik mantras are so powerful, they purify you, give you strength from inside, and give moksha (enlightenment). But , Do you know from where this word “Narayan” came?

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Disclosing or Hiding a Guru Mantra and Other Secret Mantras

“Let there be light,” first sound occurred and creation started. In Vedas also, creation started from the sound. Different sounds produce different results, that’s what mantras do. Sometimes Rishis made the mantras and sometimes mantras appeared by itself, like OM (AUM). Shabar mantras, which were made by Gorakhnath and others, made from regional languages give the same result. There is whole variety of mantras — either made for creation or destruction. I’m serious about this subject, ‘coz our ancient science of mantras is getting lost — and it is often told “hide this mantra.” And in hiding, nothing is in our hands; mantras go with the dying person, and ancient books? they aren’t available — either they were burned or became dust with the time.

So, I’m just putting my opinion that why should / why shouldn’t, hide the mantras. First start from the Guru mantra.

What is a Guru mantra?

This is the first diksha mantra a Guru gives, when he makes you a disciple. This mantra purifies and raises the energy so that you can handle the energy of other mantras and sadhanas. This mantra, is a master key. If you don’t chant a Guru mantra in certain amount — you can’t be successful in other sadhanas as well. Many people just chant Guru mantra and nothing else.

Many people chant Guru mantra in any of these way — Vachik (loudly), Upanshu (in whisper), or Mansik (in Mind). They also write it on their pitamber, on walls as a sticker, and tell anybody who wish for, freely; they believe their Guru mantra isn’t weak, it is stronger than the strongest. So they don’t hesitate to disclosing it.

On the other hand, other people never tell you their Guru mantra, they have their own points too. There is only one way to know their mantra, is to take diksha from their guru.

Other secret mantras

Apart from Guru mantra, there are mantras for Das Mahavidyas and other Goddesses, for Shiva, for Ganesha, for Bhairava, for planets — in sum up, for 33 Crores Devi and Devatas, there are mantras. And there are mantras too for Narayanastra, Pashupatastra, Sudarshan Chakra, Brahmastra … and for 64 Krityas. There are mantras for everything, you can possibly hope for. Mantras for going in water, for moving in air, for materializing things out of Shunya; mantras for controlling hunger and thirst, for becoming rich, for getting Apsaras, for healing the disease, and so on. If you have read Mahabharat and Ramayan, these things existed at that time, people could attain anything out of the power of the mantras. Terrific !?

Hiding the mantras : advantages & disadvantages

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Utpanna Ekadashi: Devi Protected Lord Vishnu

On Margashirsha Krishna Paksha Ekadashi (11th day), a Goddess took birth from lord Vishnu’s energy— while he was sleeping — to protect Him from Asur Mura. She was named Ekadashi Devi.

The word Utpanna, means to come out from somebody or something. It’s surprising, a Hindu Goddess often takes birth out of energy or say light: Yogmaya, Durga, Ekadashi Devi and other manifestations of Goddess, they all came out of energy. They never took birth as humans or other Devatas did. When some problem came, Devi just appeared, like a mother comes to a crying child.

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Durlabhopnishad: The Greatest Guru Mantra Ever Written

You know that there are 108 Upanishads, but there is other Upanishad also, called, Durlabh Upanishad. As the name suggest “Durlabh,” it wasn’t commonly knows. Those who knew, they recited its Sanskrit verses and took advantage.

This Upanishad is about Sadhguru, mine, yours or anybody’s. And it is said, it wasn’t written by a man or a Rishi — it just came out of the light, like the Goddess Durga came. Reciting its verses just before and after your puja or sadhana, gives spiritual benefits, and makes your sadhana successful.

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Dattatreya or Datta Jayanti: Interesting Story of His Birth

It is celebrated on Margashirsha Purnima, some also celebrate it on Margashirsha Krishna Paksha Dasmi (10th day). Dattatreya, in this story, was combined part of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva — and the child of great woman Anusueya, wife of Rishi Atri.

If you are doing good, people are jealous of you

This is what happend with Anusueya, she was loyal to her husband, Atri — A “pativrata” woman, this term is used for a woman, who doesn’t not think or dream about any other man; her man is everything and for this she dedicates her life.

Narada, a wanderer Rishi, his main work was to tell news from one place to other. Once he visited Anusuya and kept track of her daily routine for several months. He was impressed, woman like her he had never seen. So he thought to tell this news to the wives of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. He went to them and told that a woman of earth was doing great, and to invoke jealousy he also declared that Anusueya was better than them, when it counted to “pativrata” dharma. The wives caught fire in their head; they called each of their husbands, and flattered them to check the loyalty of Anusueya to her husband, Atri.

Gods desired to see Anusueya without clothes

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Dhan Vrat

This festival is celebrated on Margashirsha Shukla Paksha Parva (Pratipada); Parva means first moon day. This day, people worship lord Vishnu along with His wife, Maha Lakshmi. Dhan Vrat is supposed to give prosperity in one’s life.

How to worship lord Vishnu and Maha Lakshmi

Get up early in the morning, If you can do vrat (fast), good. Get ready for worship. Collect all the puja samagri at one place, near your temple. Bathe the God and Goddesses, first by clean water then by panchamrit, then once again by clean water, and wash them by a clean towel.

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