10 Unnatural & Natural, Methods & Techniques to open – Third Eye Chakra

You must have listened lot of stories about Third Eye Chakra, that it gives psychic or metaphysical powers, and a person can see auras and the entire invisible world. Hindu says when this Chakra opens a man becomes Siddha (a person who has divine powers). People use lot of methods to open this Third Eye or Brow or Ajna or Agya — Chakra. Let’s discuss opening methods and techniques in detail.

Opening Third Eye Chakra


As Third Eye Chakra lies between the Eye Brows; People do some operation kind of ritual using some herbs, oils and devices to operate Third Eye Chakra, and keeps a person with utmost care until, s/he doesn’t feel comfortable with the operation and the consequences.

In the autobiography of famous metaphysician Robsang Lampa, he tells how in childhood his third eye was operated, and it was very painful and unbearable. And I feel it is dangerous too — indeed very dangerous. But, as far as I know these practices have never been popular in India. Hindus always used natural ways to open Third Eye.

Technique of Lao Tsu (Secret of Golden Flower)

This technique basically leads to merging of left and right hemisphere, where a man sees externally at the tip of nose while having consciousness internally at Third Eye. In this process he keeps his eyes half opened and half closed, because opened eyes represent to Animus(male energy) and closed eyes represent to Anima(female energy); with half opened eyes male and female energies get balanced. To make this technique more effective connection of breath is very important, and it comes, just with the feeling that we are taking breath.

Gazing on candle (Deepak)

I used to do this technique and face terrible results, in fact I made progress – but there was no one to guide me. I would not suggest you to do it, until you have some true Guru to guide you. Generally what happens in this technique, one gazes at the light of a candle with chanting or not chanting a mantra, and each day he keeps on increasing time period. When we gaze at particular place or thing, without making eye movement; what happens after a little while the energy which goes from our eyes starts coming back to eyes from that particular place or thing and starts accumulating at third eye. Regular and consistent practice causes third eye to be opened.

Gazing on growing Sun (when it is mild)

This is as similar as ‘Gazing on candle’, but more dangerous if unguided, you may also loose eye-sight. The best way to gaze the Sun, is only when it is mild else not.

Shambhavi Mudra

You may wonder the Shambhavi Mudra and the technique mentioned in ‘the secret of Golden flower’ is the same. Gazing at tip of the nose means to merge left and right brain at one point and from that point energy goes back to the third eye. Alternately, what people do, they draw two little circles or the word ‘OM’ of different color at some inches distance, and try to see in a way, until two do not become one.

Mantra Meditation

Chanting of certain mantras also causes Third Eye Chakra to open. In India Guru generally gives a single Shiva mantra or the combination of five mantras to chant. Those mantras are energized power mantras or say miracle mantras, which is only given from a Guru to a Seeker.

Guru Grace

In India, Guru has the place of the God and sometimes more than the God. And this is also the reason some non-guru elements are manipulating the masses on the large scale under this divine word – Guru.

But, you are really fortunate if you have found the right Guru, whenever Guru sees that a Seeker has ripen to certain level at the very moment Guru opens or assists in opening the right Chakra.

Deep Understanding and will power

Yes, understanding is only enough to open any chakra. Some people open their Chakra only by understanding and will power. Mantras and techniques are only given when understanding does not work. Famous Indian Sage Astavakra says ‘you don’t get self-realization because you practice Samadhi’ – he is talking about ‘understanding’ concept. Also, UG Krishnamurti got self-realization by only understanding, nothing else. The world famous Guru – Osho, also get self realization based on the understanding. If we understand, believe firmly and use will power — can’t we open our Chakras?

Good Karma

Just do good karmas and forget about any method and technique, as your purity level increases by good karma, your chakra will open automatically. The people who don’t do good karma but always after to get technique or method for divinity, actually reach nowhere. The laws of God are as simple as it can be.


Sometime accidentally people find their Chakras opened. Actually it happens, but not with everybody – may be due to previous birth efforts that give results in this birth. But there are no short-cuts; everybody works hard, only matter is that we are not able to know the things behind the scene.

A piece of Advice for the Methods or Techniques which may harm you

To do mantra meditation or Shambhvi mudra or the technique of ‘the secret of Golden flower’ are safer. Never go for operation kind of thing. For Candle or Sun gazing, always find a Guru to guide you from the beginning to the end.

God’ rules are very natural and simple, no one gets divinity by unnatural or shortcuts way; the day you become completely pure, God’s Kingdom becomes your.

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