18 Top Spiritual Gurus and Spirituality

Regarding spiritual gurus I want to give you a ‘warning’ ; there are certain facts which I want to remind you otherwise there is a terrible loss you might suffer in terms of your time and money.

Use spiritual gurus as a tool: They are just the tools. As each tool operates its certain function for which it is made, so as a spiritual guru is. He or she has mastered certain method in his or her life or certain intellectual concepts — they can tell only just that. Don’t expect that they know everything, they don’t! — otherwise religions wouldn’t have been made, only spirituality would reign.

A spiritual guru gives you the belief system: Openly or covertly! He or she lives in that, the belief system is their life — and you would be asked to make your life in that belief system. Belief can destroy you or can make you. Without checking the beliefs consciously don’t accept them.

The purpose of a spiritual guru in your life: It is about help you to make a guru unto yourself; to make you aware certain dormant potential of yours which you never focus on. It is not about making you dependent on him or her — playing out of your insecurities & problems, and extracting money out of your pocket.

True guru versus a fake guru: In fact, in life you can learn from any person — not necessarily him or her to be a self-realized. Most of our problems are psychological than spiritual. If we are looking for a psychological solution — it’s hard to determine who is a fake guru and who is a true guru; otherwise, when we look for a spiritual solution, we truly can!

That’s it for now, perhaps I’ll update this post later on. Still there are many issues which have been left.


Update: There is no list right now. The page that had more than 60 gurus list that I linked at top of the post is not available, it was somehow trashed and could not recovered later on.

13 thoughts on “18 Top Spiritual Gurus and Spirituality”

  1. wow!splendid work done ,putting all great master”s on one platform ,but there are few more you missed out .Paramhanse Yoganand,Swami RAMA.SWAMI AKSHARAM to name a few. Thanks.

  2. @rupa, yes you are right. There are still left, a large number of Masters known and unknown to me. You’re always welcome to extend this list.

  3. ya i loved ur part man. well i think u missed many.like SANT SHRI ASARAMJI BAPU,SATYA SAI BABA,SWAMI RAMA,SWAMI VIVEKANADA ,ETC

  4. How come Billy Meier is not at all known and oddly enough, not known or mentioned by those into ‘eastern’ spirituality/philosophy?

  5. Hi, with all respect and reverence, real guru is within you,
    Very sad to see great masters like Shirdi Sai and Ramana mahrishi listed along with narcisstic megalomaniacs………

    Peace, Love and more money(Harmony)

  6. What about Sant Sri Asaram Ji Bapu
    How can you forget him? He is having a good number of followers . If you don’t believe you can check it out at his satsang at motera ashram gandhinagar gujrat from 13jan to 15jan 2012,

  7. Dear , you have done awesom job ,
    Pls dont list anyone , who is very much into ngo fundings and more into the money power , the world is full with god soul gurus , who really loves you and bless you with open heart.

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