84 Lakhs Yonis – A Human Takes 84 Lacs Birth in Different Types of Living Beings

You believe this or you don’t believe this – what’ll make a difference to you. Can anybody prove or disprove rather than telling “it is written in scriptures” or “my guru says so?”

Day by day, humans are increasing and animals are decreasing, and one day forests will be lost — no tigers, no elephants, no rabbits, no beautiful birds and creatures. Are humans becoming more spiritual? Or the matter of “a human takes 84 lacs birth in differ living beings” is just false?

People say this is Kalayug (Iron Age): the most degraded time period with full of sex, violence, greed and attachment; nature is imbalanced, low values and low characters. If the concept of “84 Lacs Birth” is true then animals need to be increasing and humans need to be decreasing?

Can you answer me?

I never believe 100% on scriptures. I can believe in one condition: if you take guarantee that nothing is changed in scriptures from over years and years – even before your birth. You might hear a story: If a message is passed through the 50 people one by one, the message loses its meaning. And who knows how many times scriptures are re-written and printed?

Spirituality is in experiencing not in parroting or fanatic devotion. Any Guru or any Scripture only makes sense when it is able to makes us experience.

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  1. not just animals but they can exist in all life forms such as a tree, plants, mosquitos to ants to little micro-organisms, there are 8,400,000 species of life and not all of then are on earth and not only in this solar system but thousands of other solar systems, by the way there are 400 thousands species of humans, just because something is not visible to the naked eye so to speak doesnt mean that it doesnt exist, you should have learnt that through ‘experience’ as you put it and from scientists or authorities that are genuine

    1. And do not take into account animals, insects and ways of life on this planet, take into account that there are other planes and subplanes under tribuki, and also other planets in this physical universe with infinite millions of species, not as we know here on earth but devas, elementals,extraterrestrials, etc.and the only way you can prove this theory,(is actually a true)is only through meditation and sat naam given by the sant sat guru

  2. one need not go to any guru / any scriptures for any information of physical world or astral world
    we all r creation of supreme power n r directly connected to HIM
    only we need to realize
    once v realize we get the answers which r absolutely true n only true from where they start i.e. GOD

    1. “we all r creation of supreme power n r directly connected to HIM only we need to realize” very true Meeti ! That what I’m trying to do these days 🙂

  3. please put some light on how n whn to do
    we all need to guide each other as we walk hands in hands towards HIM
    we hold hands so tht we help each other whn we stumble n….we all do

    1. meeti, when we buy some clothes,we go to different shop and check different brands and then select the piece, or maybe select many pieces to wear in different occasions.

      but, in case of spiritual guru, most of the people end their life at one place, they hardly check what others are saying and doing.

      since my childhood, I used to go to different Gurus, lots of gurus have energies (and every guru and his followers think, they are great).

      Siddhis, and all sorts of meta-physics (astral travel, telepathy, etc.,) are nothing but the miracle of clean mind and intellect.

      you see, all spiritual guru differs in their practice and teachings, like some of highly appreciated spiritual gurus have different opinion “whether a human soul takes birth in animals or not” some believe and some don’t. There are lots of contradictions that I found among corporal Gurus.

      the best thing I feel is: follow any guru at one time, if his/her teachings satisfies you, then do it, else leave it.

      well, nobody stands equal to God.

  4. i really agree to all ths
    tell me one more thing
    how do we make people aware n realize tht thy stp going to gurus n become their slaves

    instead thy should realize their own soul,s callibre tht thy thmselves r a part of GOD n thy need nobody to guide thm in ths yug but their own innerconcious is very strong n true

  5. mmm very interesting conversation between yourself’s. In your quest to becoming spiritual just remember to not always trust the mind, let the inner voice (Paramatma) guide you, they say the mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy.

  6. thanx a tonne divyesh fr yr guidance
    here i would say mind disturbs one only initially till it knows u r ready to listen to it n grasp more food n drink for it frm enviorment but whn one goes deeper the mind becomes thoughtless n goes on fasting as it hs nothing with it to interfere
    one is just blank
    so one comes to know tht mind cannot play dirty games n morever we r trying to go near HIM
    HE takes exams initially till we learn to surrender n trust n accept
    later HE himself controls our mind asHE loves us more than v do

  7. 84 lakh yonees is totally a myth. Could anybody tell wht specis one was prior to be human being? All scriptures are man made without any proof. All religious Granths are said to have alighted direct from God but are contradictory to each other and each sect claims their granth to be the only real one and there have been blood sheds over proving their authenicity or superiority over others. Ppl of every sect accept their scriptures without analysing taking them as word of god. In this scientific age we are still talking unscientific things like 84 lakh birth cycles prior to be born as human beings.

  8. Thanks Gurucharan, man-made things usually contradict, because they are not universal. I think people would have been more spiritual, when there was no spiritual book or guru in this planet. All the problem lies in contradictions. I wonder, why don’t all the spiritual gurus make a conference and settle universal things?

  9. here i wld add tht y leave thngs fr gurus
    each of us shd tke initiative n stop these thngs wch shd b shed n thrown in bin
    v all shd become spiritual rather thn religious
    m already taking steps foward in dis direction

  10. i still feel for our prsnl grwth if v decide v really can
    if v hld hnds v n do togthr
    as one person i cannot change d whole wrld but i cn chnge d wrld of 1 prsn

  11. Guru and God?
    There has never been a time on this earth when there was no Guru or prophet. Gurus incarnate at every age to show men the path that leads to God. All religions are proof of the fact God can be realized only through the Guru. In Indian philosophy the Guru holds a position equal to God. In fact, the loving disciple says that he does not care about God because it was the Guru who answered his prayers and showed him the way and not God. The law of nature is such that it is only through the Guru that man can connect with God. History is witness to the fact that people who trusted their minds and their intellectual capacities to find God had to stumble at every step and had to eventually meet with failure. This is because God resides beyond the mind while all thoughts come under the boundaries of the mind. This is why all religions exhort man to surrender to the will of the Prophet or Guru, because his will is God’s will.

      1. hello my motive is not to participate only but also to make u understand which i came to know from my guru..after listening so many satsangs i came to know so many important things rgdg our soul.

        The soul has got the human species after suffering the pangs of births and deaths. The soul has been distanced from Almighty since a long time ago. And to get union with Supreme Being, meditation on His name is required.method of meditation enlightens the soul and assist in getting liberation from transmigration of repeated births and deaths.

  12. My guru is determined to promote the Divine name and has been bestowing the magnificent and transcendent method of meditation in all the states.
    Myriad of masses have been abdicating beedi, ciggrette, opium, marijuana, heroin and other narcotics too. In addition, getting inspired by HIS teachings, followers have been deliberately refraining themselves from the pervading social vices as female foeticide, homosexuality besides dowry system and inclining towards Divinity too.
    HIS every act is serene, sublime, and supreme. He is credited with being the initiator of a welfare foundation, known as ‘Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ welfare force’. At present, 37,000 volunteers have been registered for this overwhelming force and they have submitted their affidavits with their whole hearted consent stating that during serving humanity if they get injured or martyred anyhow, they will be responsible for their own life.

    you can visit to know more:http://shahsatnamjigreenswelfareforcesociety.org/

    1. Thanks Heena for the information. Though, I’ll be looking for his teachings from the links you gave me, if you can tell how this guru helped to change your life, it will be more enlightening.

  13. Heena the Guru and God article was very pleasant to read, Pranam to you for writing it, i agree with everything you said in regards to the Guru and God but also remember God has sent that Guru to us because God as the Paramatma knows when we are serious and humble enough to learn spirituality. If you have time please get back to me on what you think of what i have said or if you agree/disagree, would be great hearing from yourself.

  14. a guru is a teacher
    like in school we need different teachers for different subjects and diff stds …as jst one teacher cannot teach all the subjects to all the stds
    we all are atmas which are ansh of PARAMATMA
    all of us are equally bestowed by HIS love and blessings

    HE and only HE can answer our prayers and prfrm miracles
    no guru can

  15. @ Gurutalks

    My Guru ji has completely changed my attitude towards life. What seemed very difficult to handle is now very simple to me. Holy teaching has changed my Mindset and my way of thinking towards every Person and everything. Meditating is the best thing that ever happened to me. I learnt the stress free way of life. I found my inner oasis of love and inner peace. Guru ji tell us everything like father, spiritual as well as how to live like a real human being in daily life.
    My experience is much more but the words are limited to express. It is like a drop in ocean. I feel very blessed!! I think every individual should visit the Dera sacha sauda at least once to know what real happiness is.

    @ Divyesh

    I agree with you that God only sent the Guru for people who wish to meet HIM. God is without any shape (Nir-aakaar).Human being has not that eye who can watch God without shaped So when any one desires to know GOD ,can be introduced to Him through a true guru.
    But true follower always keep the level of Guru up,who told him path to reach God as written in :
    “Guru Govind(God) Dou Khade, kake laage paaon,
    balihari guru aapne, Govind Diyo Milaye”

    in all Vedas and Granths Guru ka darja hamesha uncha bataya gaya hai

  16. Only true Guru can give you Method of meditation (“Naam Shabad”) and if you live a life of deep meditation, you will see life very differently. You will begin to see that invisible hand which upholds the universe; guide your life as well. In my own life, I have had many magical outcomes that were not prayed for or asked for in any way. I think this was all because of my believe in my Guru and God and HIS demonstration of Love and grace. Believe me Ridhis Sidhis did not play any role in my case.
    Whenever I felt low in my life, I realized the presence of someone who is guiding me all the way and also helping me at every step.

    @ Meeti
    Have you ever heard someone saying “I have seen God” or ever read anywhere..…..No all of us feel HIS presence but through our Guru only as he is messenger of God.
    सच्चा गुरु अपना के देखो ज़िन्दगी न बदल जाये तो फिर कहना

  17. it is only a matter of trust
    if you trust GOD guides you through many many ways
    your reply could be in a newspaper you open in morning
    it could just come in front of you via mgzne,sms or eve a mail

    i don’t say all gurus are ……..

    but these days so many scams….money….women….politics

    i hope u undrstnd heena wht i wanna say
    why do you need guru to feel HIS presence
    HE is inside you.inside me.inside evryone
    try spreading love…
    try sheding htrd
    try …evn i’m trying
    nobody is prfct
    only HE is

  18. Meeti-Could you pass your academics without your teacher or guide.i believe your answer will be No.then how could you know about your spiritual journey towards God.Thatswhy the role of the Guru is very important Bcoz The Guru has already journeyed on the spiritual path of the Naam-Shabd and found his destination: God. Hence, he thoroughly knows the path and is capable of guiding the disciple from within so that he does not lose his way in the various spiritual planes that are stages on the path.

  19. @Heena
    I do really appreciate your views regarding Guru. May you get more miracles in your life with the holy grace of Almighty!

    Of course, this is a matter of trust.But do you believe that GOD resides inside everyone of us? if yes, how to have access to HIM? can you find butter out of milk without following any specific technique? We need to implement particular method to get the hidden things. While being omnipresent, Isn’t God mysterious to us??? So, to behold HIM and get HIS grace, we have to follow some method that is so called as Gurumantra. And Guru is the only incarnation and messenger of GOD, who can divulge this method of beholding the Almighty GOD while living in this kalyug.

  20. i think this is going beyond…..l…..anyhow….

    every soul has its own journey and its own path to follow which ofcourse is destined

    as per your exams question….do you sit for your boards on studying only wht your teacher has taught

    don’t you buy reference book

    don’t you have tutions

    don’t you buy guides

    i hope u r not minding …..these r jst my opinions…my way of thnkng

    n ofcourse”’i rspct yrs

    i don’t fnd thm apprpte as maybe i m nt dstnd to trvl tht way n vice versa u don’t agree to my vws

    we r at r own free will to follow our conciousness which agn is …

    anu …..there r thousand of things which cn b made frm milk

    y sit thre n wait for somebody to cme n tell u wht cn b done

    whn somebody is drowning …he will nt wait fr his guru to cme n teach swmng

    deinetely anyone n evry one will call on GOD for help who wld prfrm sme mircle

    i wld love to continue with these discussions as it helps to lrn mre n dscvr more

    my own real sister is a grt follower of …sant balwant ji

    so don’t tke me wrng ….i will nvr wnt to hurt yr felngs

    if cmfrtbl …its fine

    n …m srry if unintentionally i hurt any of yr feelings

  21. anu definetly u find GOD inside u

    go deeper during mditatn soon u n HE wld b one

    u personally will find diff in yourslf…inner self as well as outer

    as u start becming like HIM…..there r no mantras….i know all the nitnem….choupai shb n mny more orally

    can recite without opng gutkas

    but for what””i do not undrstnd the mng of it

    thn i started doing things physically rmng cnnctd to HIM

    how do u knw yr guru is the only incarnation

    GOD…..giver of life …did nt cum n tell u

  22. Meeti my last words in this chain:

    ” Guru tark ka vishay nhn hai.. ye to vishwas ki baat hai ”

    Even my sceptical nature made me stay away from being bound by any particular regimen or set of rules and I always felt proud about being a liberal in my thoughts; that I could analyse anything without being biased.But i could not imagine anything after listening pious words from my Guru.

    and sabse badi baat

    “jab ache karm pakte hain.. tabhi kisi purn guru se milaap ho sakta hai”

    isliye mai tark vitark mei jada vishvas nahi karti.shayad abhi apka time nahi aaya.
    ———true to my heart soul and mind

  23. i think …. you may be right……it is all destined….so i trust HIM


  24. – I never criticise. Not myself or others. For when I criticise I am telling the universe don’t love me that way. My whole existence is to increase the flow of love in me and others, so I am all gratitude and I have no enemies. Everyone is my teacher-friend.

    GOD LOVES ME…..meeti batra

  25. If u like jagadguru(the universal guru) kripalu ji maharaj would help u guyz get some more spiritual wisdom, just go to http://www.jkp.org or u might search jagadguru on wikipedia…..

  26. Dear All who participated in the subject. Let us please understand first and foremost thing told by Lord Krishna in Bhagwatgeeta …as per US English dictionary .. meaning reflects as wattage i.e. Power ….

    “Nainan Chhindanti Shastraanee, Nainan Dahati Pawakaa. Na chainan Cledayantyapo, na shoshayatee marutaa. (This is regarding Aatma…Soul. The lines above means that neither Weapon can not injure or cut it, neither Fire can not burn it, neither Water can not wet it and Nor – Air can not vanish it.)

    These lines are about 5,500 years ago explained / taught by Lord Krishna to Arjun during Mahabharata war as per Mythology.

    Later in 18th or 19th century, Scientist proved or said that (The Law of Energy Conservation) ……

    Energy Neither Created, Nor destroyed but it transforms from one form to another. If scientist have proved this on the basis of science; why we hesitate to digest that the soul of any species must be getting transformed from one species to another? Please put your valuable comments so as to correct my belief.

    There are many researches are going on with the help of science. Satellites are propelled beyond gravity. Space science has gone so ahead that we could reach to moon and Mars.See the progress done by human being Man & women… Male & Female scientists.

    But, yet …. as of the day Scientist could not discover how to prepare / Manufacture BLOOD. (No doubt They are succeeded in separation of blood components like wbc’s, rbc’s, platelets etc. But manufacturing of artificial blood is yet not succeeded. Human blood is such a thing which acts a fluid i.e. in liquid form when it exists in human body. But, once taken out of body it clots. And prevent it from clotting; we have to preserve it at freezing temperature to remain in fluid state. What does it all….. As regards to 84,00,000 Yonis; micro organisms also we can not ignore. How curd is formed from Milk? due to enzymes. How butter is formed from butter milk? How Ghee is formed from butter? All these are transition states. We are not able to see Ghee in Milk.

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