Age of Satyug, Treta, Dwapar & Kalyug – Brahma Kumaris

I’ll ask you to come up without prejudice and with open mind. If you disagree, better not read this. This article isn’t challenging any scriptures or belief system, and it isn’t just the thoughts, ideas or some assumptions. The knowledge of “World-Drama-Wheel” is directly conveyed by God Father Shiva,” insist Brahma Kumaris.

Satyug: Golden Age; Treta: Silver Age; Dwapar: Bronze Age; Kalyug: Iron Age.

Hold on

Please finish it till the end, and give it a thought, whatever is written here. Spirituality is about experimenting, not turning back to what we don’t know. When Jesus was alive, not everyone was agree with him, he was abused and crucified, people were so charged with emotions & thoughts against him, not everyone cared until he was dead. Check what this article says, using all your cognitive abilities. If you know this first time, maybe, it opens better insight to you.

Age of Complete Cycle

World Drama WheelA complete cycle includes all the four (4) ages, which are: Golden, Silver, Bronze & Iron. The complete cycle is of Five Thousand (5,000) Years.

Shocked? I was also shocked, when I knew this first time. But, you can research on it, if history exists more than 5,000 yrs old and many other things, which lead to prove or disprove this figure. You can debate on it for many weeks, but the figure of 5,000 yrs looks undeniable.

Age of Separate Ages

Each of four (4) ages, has 1250 yrs separately, it means: 1250×4 = 5000 yrs.

Thus –

  • Satyug, the Golden Age is of 1250 yrs.
  • Treta, the Silver Age is of 1250 yrs.
  • Dwapar, the Bronze Age is of 1250 yrs.
  • Kalug, the Iron Age is of 1250 yrs.

The Current Time

It is a transition period, between of Kalyug (Iron Age) and Satyug (Golden Age), and is of 100 yrs. Lots of changing are going to happen, as I personally feel, more prominent after 2012.

What were conveyed?

There are mainly three points you can ponder upon, first: the age of complete time-cycle is of 5,000 yrs, second: each age has 1250 yrs, and third: current time is transition period of 100 yrs.

You disbelieve!!

Just give two simple logics that disprove the age of time-cycle. All fair comments are welcomed!

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  1. Jab soch di ichcha di pyar diya satyug ko lane ka irada diya magar sakti kyo nahi di jab inshan apne andar ki shakti ko mashosh karta hai magar uska ismal nai kar skta kai kyo ki use apne andar ki sakti nai mali takat nahi mali [ Mudhe bahut taklif hoti hai jab kisi janvar ki hattya hoti hai may jiv hattya kao rona chahta ho magar magbor ho kyo ki meri abhi mai khud sh rubru nahi hua hu mudhe atm gyan nahi prapt hua hai may logo ko roku dhi to kayse bahot nirash hu , jindgi adhuri shi agti hai kuch hai jish ki talash hai magar kya ou pata nahi hai koi dishigan nai le pata ho ] rah dikhaiye kya karu

    Sudhir Tiwari

  2. Dear Sir,
    hows that possible kalyug only of 1250 years,
    as we are in 2011,and research shows 5000 years
    gone and according to some lord krishna took birth
    some 3000 a.d.
    m not sure but wish to know…

    1. Brahma kumaris ne jo bhi kaha hai sab such hai,, agar kisi ko koi sawal puchna hai to please mere mail par aap puch sakte ho,, mera email hai
      Such to ye hai ki Bhagwan iss dharti par aa cuke hai,,aaj dunia ki aabadi arbo main hai ,, par satyug main sab jaa nahi sakte,,to jo bhagwan ko pahchan lega wahi satyug main jayega,,haa ek baat or bhagwan sabhi ko batayega ki wo aa chuka hai,, jo manega wo satyug main jayega,, or jo nahi manega wo isi kalyug main fhir aayega,,or fhir koi ye nahi kah sakta hai ki aapne humko bataya nahi tha, Om Shanti

  3. u just told the sequence write but no told that why is this happening is it the sequence on what this world’s time is running

  4. I totally beleive in my releigion and being a hindu respect it with all my heart. But please guys do not go on scrambbling anything that comes to your thoughtful mind.
    I mean this topic that we are trying to discuss and bring some sense , is so abstract that no comment or post written here can evn be called a shallow thought.
    Arjun , who was considered the best in all men ( as his name says) questioned Krishna as to the ways and understanding of the verses of GITA.
    A small example as to how deep seeded the Hindu litreture really is!!

  5. Om Sai Ram,

    This is conincidetal and that I was debating on this topic “Age of Kalyug” with some of my friends and now got an opportunity to read your logic in this website.
    Since there are so many myths related to our culture and time. We follow the current English calender and as per this we exist (Mean to say our culture since Sindhu ghaati civil.) since 3500 B.C. We (especially Sanaatan Dharmaavalambi) have read 2 types of History One- is our Ramayana & Mahabharat. Second- is Ancient History/Modern History etc. We believe the History taught in Schools and colleges and We WORSHIP the history written in Ramayana and Mahabharat. Parashuram, Narsimha, Vaamana, Ram, Krishna are the several Avataars of Lord Vishnu, who appeared in different ages (Yuga) as per our puranas; however Respected Maam/Sir, I humbly request you to please put some light on this myths/or might be truth. I’ve asked one of Panditjee regarding the age of Kalyug, they said Kaliyug has 4 stages and we are now in First stage (he referred to the Sankalp mantra, in which “kaliyuge Pratham charane comes”) and tried to convince me that kalyug is 42 thousand years old and now we are living in the 1st stage only.



  6. who cares about yug. Just sing the praises of the Lord. No human being knows when he will die so why waste time in predicting when the yug starts or ends

  7. budh ka avtar 600 b.c. me hua tha aur kalyug me hua tha so kalyug 2600 saal pehle bhee tha islie aapki ye theory galat hai.main formula janta hoon time sahee nahi pata

  8. भगवन बुद्ध का अवतार ६०० इसा पूर्व में हुआ था और हम सभी जानते है की
    उस समय कलयुग था .इसके अनुसार आज से २६०० साल पहले भी कलयुग था
    अतः आप का सिद्धांत गलत है .मुझे युगों के समय निर्धारण का सिद्धांत पता है
    लेकिन समय सही सही नहीं पता
    सतयुग < त्रेता < द्वापर < कलियुग
    इसका अर्थ ये है कि सतयुग सबसे छोटा युग था तथा कलियुग सबसे बड़ा है

  9. Namaskar…..I dnt disbelieve the a bve facts u r telln us….rathr i wz shkd 2 learn that…..i’hv smethn 2 tell u… 1. Acc 2 VEDPURAN & BHAGVADGITA, 5000 yrs hav passd f KALYUG….it startd aftr death f Lord krishna in 3102 bc. 2. Lord Ram was born in Treta yug on Jan 10, 5114 bc. means 5114-3228( birth f krishna) = 1886 yrs…thatz “AGE F TRETA YUG”….. 3. Same eg given by Ajay ji of Lord buddha….
    4. Acc 2 book by Amish i.e “Immortals of Meluha”…the saga of Mahadev, a hindu deity…tells a period f 1900 bc wch is akin 2 period f ‘Indus valley civilization’…. In a nutshell, i cn say thr shld be long discussion n thz topic…..

  10. I am Agree that its time Of World Changing & now satyug is coming & this Iron age kaliyug is now Finished Because Many wappons like atom Bomb Hydrogen Bomb etc is ready for third world war & After this huge distruction Satyug is coming Shortly.


  12. Sat yug se 3reta & bharat se mha bharat tk, mother india me, laxmi ke rup me, kis kis ne rajya kiya h..? Ved, puran & geeta me, Gaatha hi gaatha h..!! Haqikat kya h..?

  13. Bal buddhi & vidya ke prayog se hi, sat ka yug aata h..!! nhi to waqta badal jata h..!!

  14. i think today no one can prove above cycle,however by remembering God we can change ourself. there is no doubt about that environment can be changed if we changed ourself.

  15. Sorry! The above article seems 100% wrong and without knowing the scriptures. Guys, there are 4 yuga’s(Era) it is correct as a cycle. But Kaliyug is a total of 4,32,000 years and it has been just 5000 years and as lord. Krishna said 10,000 years of golden age will come in the kaliyug exactly after 5000 years which has already started in year 2012 CE.

    This is the originality guys goto any ISKON centers across the world you will get full knowledge to know the exact history. The author of this article is fully rubbish and doesn’t know anything about life!

  16. Great article, I was also planning for a long time on posting an article on Time calculation in ancient India in this forum but was lingering on due to some personal reasons … Alright.. I admit, I’m really lazy Wink

    Well you have beat me to it, congrats ClapClap

    And you have also inspired me, so here is the article I was planning on posting, esp. for you meenaxi:

    It is based on an ancient text known as ‘Surya Siddhanta’
    (Get ready for some Serious Maths) Big smile

    Hindu Time calculation is based on Lunar Calender, which came into effect after the Kshya Shraap given to Chandrama by Daksha.

    1 Lunar Month = 15 Bright days (Shukla Paksh) + 15 Dark days (Krishna Paksh) = 30 Days

    12 Months = 360 Days = 1 Human Year

    1 human year = 1 Divine day (1 day of Devas)

    30 divine days = 1 Divine Month = 30 human years

    12 Divine months = 1 Divine Year = 360 Divine days = 360 Human Years

    Devas Lifespan = 100 Divine years = 36,000 human years

    The calculation of yugas follows the series of 4 : 3 : 2 : 1
    so Satya Yug (4) : Treta Yug (3) : Dwapar Yug (2) : Kali Yug (1)

    Kaliyug starts with a Dawn (Purva Sandhya = 1 Divine Lifespan) + 10 Divine Lifespans and ends with a Twilight (Uttar Sandhya = 1 Divine Lifespan)

    so, Kaliyug = 100 + 1000 + 100 = 1200 Divine years
    = 4,32,000 human years = 1 Charana

    Going by the above series,

    Dwapar Yug = 2 X Kaliyug = 200 + 2000 + 200 = 2400 Divine Years
    = 8,64,000 human years = 2 Charanas

    Treta Yug = 3 X Kaliyug = 300 + 3000 + 300 = 3600 Divine Years
    = 12,96,000 human years = 3 Charanas

    Satya Yug = 4 X Kaliyug = 400 + 4000 + 400 = 4800 Divine Years
    = 17,28,000 human years = 4 Charanas

    1 Mahayug = Satya Yug + Treta Yug + Dwapar Yug + Kaliyug
    = 4800 + 3600 + 2400 + 1200 = 12000 Divine Years
    = 43,20,000 human years = 10 Charanas

    71 Mahayugas = 1 Manvantara (Each Manvantara is ruled by a Manu)
    Each manvantara is followed by a Twilight (called Sandhi Kaal) of 4 Charanas

    1 Kalpa consists of 14 Manvantaras (each with its own Manu) followed by a Sandhi Kaal and each kalpa starts with a Dawn (called Adi Sandhi) also equal to 4 Charanas

    so, 1 Kalpa = 1 Adi Sandhi + 14 Manvantaras + 14 Sandhi Kaal
    = 4 Charanas + (14 X 71 Mahayugas) + (14 X 4 Charanas)
    = 994 Mahayugas + 60 Charanas
    = 994 Mahayugas + 6 Mahayugas
    = 1000 Mahayugas = 4,32,00,00,000 human years

    2 Kalpa = 1 Brahma Day = 8,64,00,00,000 human years

    30 Brahma Days = 1 Brahma Month

    12 Brahma Months = 360 Brahma Days = 1 Brahma Year
    = 31,10,40,00,00,000 human years (3.1104 trillion human years) Confused

    Brahma Lifespan = 100 Brahma Years

    1000 Brahma Lifespans = 24 Minutes in 1 Vishnu Day Shocked

    360 Vishnu Days = 1 Vishnu Year

    Vishnu Lifespan = 100 Vishnu Years

    1000 Vishnu Lifespans = 24 Seconds of 1 Shiva Day Stern Smile

    360 Shiva Days = 1 Shiva Year

    Shiva has no lifespan, i.e. he is beyond life and death, he is eternal Smile

    Current Date:
    As of today, 50 years of Brahma have elapsed and we are in the First Day of the 51st year. Within this Day, 6 Manvantaras have elapsed and we are in the 7th Manvantara (ruled by Vaivasvatha Manu).

    Within this Manavantara, 27 Mahayugas, and the Satya, Treta and Dwapar Yugas of the 28th Mahayuga have elapsed. We are in the Kaliyuga of the 28th Mahayuga.

    The time elapsed since the current Brahma:
    1 Brahma Year = 3.1104 Trillion Human Years
    50 Brahma Years = 3.1104 * 50 = 155.52 Trillion Human Years

    In the First Kalpa of 1st day of 51st Brahma Year:
    1 Adi sandhi + 6 Manvantaras + 6 Sandhi Kaal
    = 17,28,000 + (6 X 71 X 43,20,000) + 6 x 17,28,000 = 1.852416 Billion Human Years

    In the 7th Manvantara:
    27 Mahayugas = 27 x 43,20,000 = 116.64 Million Human Years

    In 28th Mahayug:
    Satya Yug + Treta Yug + Dwapar Yug = 17,28,000 + 12,96,000 + 8,64,000 = 3.888 Million Human Years

    The current Kaliyug began at Midnight of 17 Feb – 18 Feb, 3102 BC

    So, In current Kaliyug:
    3102 + 2012 = 5114 human years

    So the total time elapsed since current Brahma is
    155.52 Trillion + 1.852416 Billion + 116.64 Million + 3.888 Million + 5114
    = 15,55,21,97,29,49,114 Years have passed since the dawn of time

    Phew!!!! that was a Looong calculation Silly

    Thanks for reading

  17. yaar sarr maim dard ho gaya… jo hoga dekha jaye ga bus naam japtey raho…. baki uss per chord do..

  18. me brhama kumari ki bat se santust nhi hu kyoki pandvo ki death ke bad parikshit raja bna aur uske bad koi na koi raja banta a rha h history me likha h par brahma kumari ke hisab se to lakshmi narayan ka raj ana tha matlab satyug ana tha par nhi aya isliye ye sab bakwas h

    1. helo jha tk m janti hu 4yug h ye kha se mhayug aa gya ye confuse kr raha h kya ap samjha sakte h

  19. age of vishnu 50crore56 lakh… age of shiv 3 arab 52 crore 84 lakh.brhm age 7 crore 8 lakh..

  20. age of vishnu 50crore56 lakh… age of shiv 3 arab 52 crore 84 lakh.brhma age 7 crore 8 lakh..

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