Many things about Shiva, Linga, & Shivling

Every time Shivling is misinterpreted, he gets angry.

Understanding “Linga” before understanding “Shiva.”

This is what I got:Linga

Linga versus Shishan

Are they two names for the same thing, phallus? In Sanskrit, I know that Shishan means phallus. Either Sanskrit is versatile or the word Linga connotes the different meaning.

Yin and Yang symbol, as I know, is the symbol of both male or female energies; Is it represent something else, some reproductive organs of male and females?

We believe, what we remember again and again, even though it is incorrect.

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 Linga (लिंग)

  • Purling (पुल्लिंग ): It represents masculine, like, Man, Lion, Dog, etc.
  • Striling (स्त्री लिंग): Stri + ling; Stri means a woman; Does it mean phallus of a woman?
  • Napunsakling (नपुंसक लिंग): Who don’t fall in above two; Does  it mean, they have phallus too?
 Yoni (योनि )

  • Manusya Yoni: Does it mean, a human is vagina?
  • 84 lakh Yoni : Does it mean 84 types of vagina?
  • Pathhar Yoni: Pathhar means stone. Now you’ve figured it out yourself. It doesn’t meant that too.

In shastras, vedas , puranas,  tantra literature and everything — I’ve not studied them all completely. If you believe from your heart and soul that Linga means Phallus and Yoni means Vagaina, ‘coz you want to get enlightenment, siddhi or some kind of enjoyment through them; it’s up to you.

Many people just read translation, do they know Sanskrit language? (Interested in Sanskrit?  Go: ) Even you know Sanskrit, you’ll interpret things according to your conscious level.

How they interpret Shivling

Image: Rammohan65 @ CC BY-SA 3.0

Shivling is everywhere

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