Katha of Devi Yogmaya

You may have known the miracles of lord Krishna, how did he kill number of demons that he started it since his childhood, how did he save Pandavas and the famous incident of Draupadi when he saved her from being naked among her family and relatives? The stories of his miracles are endless. But we also know that Shiv is nothing without Shakti, then how did lord Krishna do everything alone?

The fact is: the Goddess Yogmaya and Goddess Mahamaya both helped him. When the Krishna was born to Devaki, at the same time, the Yogmaya was born to Yashoda. And it was her maya (illusion) which helped Vasudeva to exchange the babies: he reached Krishna to Yashoda and brought Yogmaya from there to Devaki, his wife, in the jail – where he and Devaki both were punished by the Devaki’s brother Kansha, who possessed all the fine demonic qualities, and those qualities inspired him to kill all the early babies of his sister, as he was warned that he would be killed by one of them. So, he killed all the early babies, the last one was Krishna, whom he couldn’t kill.

As the Vasudeva has exchanged the babies at the very night they were born; in the morning, the guards told Kansha that a baby has born in the night. Unaware of the fact that it was Yogmaya, the cruel Kansha snatched the baby to kill, but the Goddess Yogmaya went off from his hands and appeared in her form and laughing at Kansha she disappeared.

As the Krishna kept on Growing both the Yogmaya and Mahamaya (both are one, in fact all the Devis are just one) kept on helping him. And Krishna kept on doing miracles after miracles and he killed all the demons of that time and from them he saved the people who were on the Dharma path. He was also the key person of Mahabharata, where in between the war once he stopped the time and gave famous teachings of Bhagavad Gita to frustrated Arjuna. The wonders of lord Krishna are just endless as he is none but the lord Vishnu himself.