Harmful effects of Soft Drinks, is it Pepsi, Coke or Thumbs Up? – Truth or Rumor

I have heard number of times from one of Yoga Gurus, Baba Ramdev  of India on Aastha Channel that Soft Drinks like Pepsi and Coke are toilet cleaner, they may weaken the bones and give harmful effects… it hurts me because I love to take Soft Drinks.

Recently I got an email mentioning some facts about soft drinks; I don’t know whether that information is true, but would like to ask you about the following points if it seems true to you. Or, will you take soft drinks further if the information turns to be correct?

  • Is it correct that Soft Drinks are being used to remove accidental blood from the roads in some states?
  • Is it correct if somebody puts T-bone steak or a piece of nail inside a Soft Drink bottle, the steak or nail disappears in 2-3 days?
  • Is it correct that Soft Drinks can replace toilet cleaner?
  • Is it correct to loosen the rusted bolts a cloth dipped in Soft Drink helps?
  • Is it correct to remove grease from clothes Soft Drink helps?

Do you think that Soft Drinks can give harmful effects to your stomach, blood and bones? I am not sure, whether Soft Drinks are giving hazard to health issues, or is it just a rumor?

What do you think?

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  1. Very good article GuruTalks. Another thing that you can use Coke for is when your battery terminals on your car become corroded you can por Coke on them and it will desolve the corrosion. Also if you put a tooth in a glass of Coke it will desolve in 2 to 3 days.
    Soft drinks are one of the worst things you can put in your body.
    One more thing. If you would like to gain weight drink Diet Soft drinks. They tend to cause you to gain weight instead of loosing it.
    Thanks again for the article.

    Wayne Parks Sr

  2. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  3. Yes dear. Its not good for health. Even I love Soft Drinks alot. but cant help it. :)
    Better switch to Fruit Juices ;)

    Namah Shivay

  4. Yes. they are good as compared to Pepsi, Coke etc but should try to take fresh juices instead of going for packed ones.
    In Fruity, Maza and Slice they do add some preservatives. but we can go with them as they are not that harmful. Also keep watch on “Expiry Dates”.

    Namah Shivay

  5. Thanks Gaurav, another information I would like to share with you that…Packaged drinks..looses “life force energy” but the fresh juices have life force energy. :)

  6. You people lacks correct knowledge!!! Do you know a cup of tea is more harmful then a cup of coke? Have you ever browsed through the latest research about coke? You know a cup of milk is more poisonous then a cup of coke????


  8. just dn’t hv it…its a form of acids dt help to clean d rusted metals, just gv up…its a bullshit drink!

  9. is it harmfull to ur bones ……. And if we ave a cup of thums up it cut off ur 45 cup or engry r wht i vii reduce or weight…….

  10. * It has been experimentally proved that soft drinks are one of the prominent reasons for obesity. The weight gain is directly related to the amount of soft drink that a person takes in. With every single can, people unknowingly add many extra calories to their body weight.

    * Another very common effect of soft drinks is diabetes. With every can of soft drink, people add large amount of sugar in their body. Long habitual intake of soft drinks can lead to ineffective insulin production from pancreases which consequently affect the sugar level in the body. This further leads to diabetes.

    * It has been proved that frequent consumption of soft drink can lead to weakening of the bones and osteoporosis. Soft drinks impair the calcification of the growing bones in children.

    * Studies also say that soft drinks increase the risk of tooth decay. The acidic content of soft drinks can dissolve the tooth enamel and make them weaker. It is recommended that people should avoid taking soft drinks between meals to prevent dental erosion and tooth decay.

    * This fact may shock you, but is quite true. Researches have proved that constant and habitual intake of soft drink can lead to kidney stones formation. This happens because of the acidic and mineral radical balance. The body tries to buffer the acidity caused by the soft drinks with the calcium from the bones. This leads to calcium erosion, which ultimately gets settled in the kidney in the form of stones.

    * Soft drink also leads to impaired digestive system. Soft drink contains phosphoric acid which competes with the hydrochloric acid present in stomach and affects its functioning. The ineffectiveness of stomach leads to undigested food which further causes indigestion and gassiness.

    * Soft drinks cause dehydration in the body. Both the sugar and caffeine components of soft drinks are dehydrating agents. They both lead to excess urination, which makes you thirstier than before.

    * Soft drinks have strong caffeine content. Caffeine causes irritability, restlessness, tension, high blood pressure, excessive urination and other side effects. It is also believed that soft drinks increase blood pressure. Some studies also claim that soft drink has harmful effects on liver.

    * The sweetener used in soft drinks is Aspartame. It is 200 times sweeter than normal sugar and is far more harmful with many side effects.

  11. I know soft drinks are not good for health ,
    I have a question
    I am 17 years old my weight is 53kgs which is underweight and I am thin
    I drink a lot of thums up( 2 600ml bottle a day)
    Is it due to tht
    Plz plz let me know
    And my food intake is very high I keep eating all day.

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