How to listen the sound of your soul

The sound of your soul is uninfluenced, uncorrupted, and unconditioned voice that can be heard in silence.

For silence, you needn’t practice anything, you just return to your source, where no lover, no relation, no ideology, no belief remains. Where you are alone with yourself, where no thought continues and everything is understood itself.

You might be thinking that how easily I said about above two paragraphs, but it is not philosophy friend. If, you are under some emotional charge then this article might look you nonsense. I said “return to your source where nobody remains,” and even your emotional charge too. And I also said “you needn’t practice anything,” because…

We only practice for what we aren’t, isn’t it? But, we already are, the sound of soul ever continues, it is singing – we are unable to hear it because “external sound” is loud. And external sound is the mix of influenced perceptions, false conditioning, unresolved thoughts, and emotional impulses. When external sound is loud the internal sound (the sound of soul) becomes unheard. And, if you understand the different, it is enough to listen to the sound of soul, nothing more is needed.