How to relax the tired and tensed body

This is simple tip, but it helps a lot when we are tired, or want to make relax any organ of the body. If you have some physical problems or are pregnant – better not to do this, even certain areas of body can be escaped but it is wiser to consult the physician first. This exercise for relaxing the body is for those who are physically fit, but want relaxation to the body and its organs.

Before going ahead, I’d like to make you count few disadvantages of tired and tensed body, which look me most prominent:

  • Concentration suffers.
  • Consistent work with tired and tensed body turns in medical issues.
  • Physical activities like walking, doing something even of talking too suffer.

Making body calm and relaxed


Tight and loose

This technique is simple. Just tighten your muscles and release them…tight and release. For example if you do it for face: tighten the muscle of forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, lips, etc., one by one and release in the very next moment after tightening up. Do this couple of times, and you find your face is relaxed. Likewise face you can do it for shoulders, arms…thighs…legs, etc.

Next with awareness

It takes time, for some people it causes to sleep. You can skip it or can do it, do as you like. When you have done above step “Tight and Loose,” take your awareness inside each organ one by one. Awareness has immense power; it will make body healed.

Our main concern in this article was to relax the body through tightening and loosing the body organs; when we take our awareness in the organs, it gives complete makeover. There are couples of articles for relaxing the body in this blog, based on “mantra, witnessing meditation and visualization.” Hope, all of them will help you in relaxing the body.