Mantra, a good way for better sleep

This is first part for better sleep; here, we talk about how to use "mantra" for better sleep. If you are reading this article first time, better to check what the problems lack of sleep causes (link)…checked? Ok, fine…we move next.

There are three ways for better sleep: first, by using mantra; second, by using meditation; third, by using visualization. Obviously, in normal life, somehow, you are unable to sleep (or someone close to you). That’s why you are reading this, otherwise no need of mantra, meditation or visualization for sleeping.

What is a mantra and how to find it?

Mantra is repetition of some word, phrase, statement or a paragraph (in my case, I like repeating paragraph when things are too good, and I want to put them in my blood). If you are Hindu, you might know about several mantras (e.g., Aum, Namaha Shivaya, Gayatri mantri, Shri Vidya mantra etc., or any mantra taken from a Guru). If, you are Christian you can take any verse (you like the most from the Bible). If, you are Buddhist, you can take "Om Mani Padme Hum" or any mantra you prefer. If you are Muslim you can take any preferred verse of Koran. I think, now choosing mantra is easy, take your mantra with you and now, move to the next step.

Using mantra for better sleep

Whenever you want to sleep at night, just start chanting that mantra – you have chosen. If you chant it properly without making any sound (just chant in mind), all the thoughts will be "merged" into this, and while chanting and chanting, you’ll easily get to the sleep.