Mantra for Any Wish Fulfillment

Mantra for Wish Fulfillment

… And it is the miracle mantra

Whether you want life-partner, whether you want children, whether you want money, whether you want property, whether you want a good car or whether you want anything – it works.

It works really well …

And this is the secret of materialization and attraction.

This is simple mantra, but if you do it properly – you will get what you really want.

“Whatever we think, feel and believe it starts happening without delay. If you think you don’t have a car – then you don’t have a car. If you think you have a car – then you have a car. Simple! Let me tell you: our negative feelings also materialize. If you believe you are suffering from life then you are suffering from life. If believe you are happy with life then you are happy with life.”

Understand! You only get ‘what you believe, feel and think’; this is fact that everyone chooses his misery and happiness. Everyone chooses his prosperity and poverty.

Formula –

Your (non-dual) feelings, believe and thinking – attract the things, people and situation.

If you are unable to understand just try for a week, e.g., for happiness: just believe think and feel from the core of your heart that you are happy, and you will start feeling happy.

Whatever you don’t want in your life, i.e., any disease or unwanted situation; just refuse to believe.

This was the secret of Siddhas I knew from my Master and disclosed here. Any feeling, believe and thinking of non-duality always materialize and comes to your life. If you believe and feel negative – your life will become a hell and if you believe and feel positive – your life will become heaven.

Life of duality is just non-sense, in duality all the energy is wasted in criss-crossing everything and what comes in hand just chaos and confusion.

There is abundance for you, abundance of relations, money and everything. You can create as much as you want from the infinity. And whatever you believe is given to you, even you believe negative – you get it. Universal Consciousness doesn’t discriminate between good or bad, but it gives whatever a person believes for his life.

The person who are more successful are not much intelligent, they have the equal mind and equal potential as everyone has – they are not exceptions. But they believe, feel and think to what they want to experience in their life and they start attracting and materializing each and everything.