Miracle Mantra to Attract Money

In this video, Dattatreya Siva Baba is discussing a mantra; he is offering a spiritual solution to attract money.

According him: good karma plays a big role in attracting money, and not directly connected to educational, social, economic or family back-ground. He also maintains educational level helps in dominating the industry.

If you’ve bad money karma – you may not attract money. Baba Ji also had different names, time-to-time and I feel they’re not just the names, but they’re the mantras; so that by chanting certain mantra, change in consciousness or environment could occur. Not only Dattatreya Shiva Baba, but I have seen other saints with changed name. Because every word has some vibrations’ frequency and chanting the guru name may also help a lot.

Dattatreya Siva Baba Solution:

Baba told a mantra: “Om Brzee Namaha!” and recommended to repeat again and again to attract money. This mantra should be chanted right 108 times or 1008 times; another way is to listen recorded mantra.

Truth lies in experiments and experiencing:

If chanting this mantra brings or attract money to us; then, why don’t we give it a fair trail? Well I’m going to chant this mantra. Mantras have its own science; it brings changes in our consciousness and in the way of thinking.

Some gurus give meditation techniques not mantra, some gurus give meditation technique with mantra and some gurus give only mantra. Mantra is connected to matter and mind, if you want to attract matter then a Mantra is needed; and if you don’t want matter then understanding is enough.

Mantra is connected with mind – it’s a formula to develop and control mind. Scientists also say that an individual brain is not fully developed; it works partially, only few percent of brain potential is utilized.

In Hindu Cultures a child name is given on the name of – God, Goddess and Guru or any name with meaningful spiritual combination. Idea behind this is to have, the name impact on a child. But there are two things: meaning and vibrations’ frequencies, some mantra have both meaning and vibrations’ frequencies and some mantra only have vibrations’ frequencies and no meaning at all. So before chanting any mantra, it’s necessary to know in which context, particular mantra needs to be used. Because from money mantra, you mayn’t attract relations or from the mantra made for attracting relations, you mayn’t attract money.

Om Brzee Namaha!

Let’s pray for world prosperity and riches, so that no child could sleep empty stomach!

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  1. good work .only problem voice of video too soft so cannot hear anything .it is only a whisper.thanks anyway.Namah Shivai.

  2. Possibly Babaji has made me read this article of yours.. As U know I am a Shiv Yog sadhak… and to get ahead in spirituality….money is needed at the physical level…Along with the other mantras and the Sadhana that I am doing I would be chanting this Mantra….Today being a Saturday (i.e. Lord Venkateshwara’s day) while coming to office I was meditating on Lord Venkateshwara….Not only money but also for his Grace and the will to serve the needy with whatever He gives is my intention… So in this article of yours I have got the Mantra that is needed to be chanted….Thanks OM NAMAH SHIVAYA….

  3. Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up!

  4. om brzee namah is wonderful , mind blowing , excellent , life changer and money flower mantra.thanx baba.

  5. What am I doing wrong. I have strated to do the mantra about 3 weeks ago. I don’t do it everyday. I always do it in the morning before I get up. Well the oppesit has happend to me. Many things in my house as broken and I have only be giving out money. At this stage I am very dishearted. I feel that I must be doing this wrong. Why is the oppesit happening to me. I need some HELP please.
    Many thanks

  6. hi the mantra om brzee namaha is something new not heard of before. Dont know where this was coined from. While one is not sure about these kind of stuff, better directly worship GODDESS Lakshmi. The direct god of wealth. Why try shortcuts and waste ur time experimenting. There are so many mantras already available to please the Wealth God. BRZEE does not seem like a hindu word and does not go close with my mind or our culture.

  7. namaste babaji ,
    thaxs to this mantra i am really desperate financial will i can chant this mantra to attract money

  8. Even I feel brzee is not a hindu word, there are so many fake baba’s. Even I am practising thriu neela kantam makaral sivaya nama, shreem brzee and om brzee namaha since two weeks 108 times everday, nothing is happening. In fact I have also my job, there is nothing positive happening at this time.

  9. Guru please answer posts dated may and 21 july. I thnik siva baba only knows to make money for himself haha


  11. Dear baba ji even what every one says i trust all word call has mantra has is on power has u trust it will work has u say baba ji i will chant om brzee and make it make wonders for me has i having bad moment at this time so i trust this mantra will make wonders for me. Thank u baba ji may god bless u

  12. 1. All the videos says that we have to chant “OM BRZEE NAMAH” but there is no details like when we chant this must be think about Goddess Lakshmi or must we think about what kind of financial issues must be free from?

    2. If we have to continue for at least 40 days then when there are days ladies cannot go to temple so can we chant during that time too? or can we just listen to the mantra will do so that there will be continuity.

    3. When I chant this mantra must I be vegetarian ?

    4. How to do flower crushing ritual?

    I hope that someone will enlighten me with answer for my questions.

    1. Hi Jaya, I would like to inform you that this is all fake, nothing is going to happen even if you chant this for million times. If you see the videos of siva baba with an open eye, he keeps on bringing a change to his chants like first it was OM Brzee Namaha after that Om Brzee, OM shreem brzee Namaha and now it is shreem brzee and so on. The Light Body and latest one is Mid brain. And many changes will come in coming years. And if you can’t chant then you can buy his CD. Just look at his marketing strategy. I am not telling you this because I am getting any money out of this but you will just waste money on stupid things. His latest message is Radha Krishna statue, offer five tulsi / Basil leaves and you will get whatever you manifest and ultimately if above things does not work for you then end up buying RADHA Krishna Statue. There are many fake gurus in India, this one I must say has good marketing knowledge. A real siddha (Yogi) will never come out in open. If you see his blogs all the people are from Singapore and none from India. If he is really a godman then we Indian’s should have been his followers in first place. In India hardly anyone knows him. One more thing whatever miracle has taken place has happened in Singapore only, places where he has conducted his seminar. No one from outside has ever given a comment. I myself use to chant this but nothing really happened.

  13. Finally this mantra is proved to be fake from my side. I am practising this since a one month. Thiru Neela Kantam(with lime ritual) and 108 times. Also shreem brzee 108 times regularly. I found out the opposite, Iam just loosing more money. Even today for the first time I heard my father saying that his money is going out fast. This all has happened ever since I started chanting shreem brzee. Brzee mantra is not to be found in any ancient books in india. I think this mantra helps baba pillai to gain others money in his own pocket. From today onwards I will stop chanting shreem brzee & will update you guys on the output. To my knowledge and experience I would suggest all of you to stop chanting such mantra which doesn’t exist at all. Those mentioning such miracles abourt this mantra are baba’s own people. Please try to understand you can ask any rich guy whether they chant such mantras to attain more wealth. After this post I think many followers of baba will say what I am telling all lie. Moreover such miracle only happens where baba is conducting seminars. And I haven’t found any indian stating that they have benefited from this mantra. Will post you guys in another weeks time.

  14. Hey guys I have heard that if one keeps a teeth of a donkey in his or her locker than that locker turns to swiss bank. Kindly let me know if anyone gets lucky. I havent tried this as I am not able to find one.


  16. I started repeating this mantra in my mind.. don’t know if it’s wrong, anyway, some small results appeared immediately – there isn’t a single moment I don’t have cash in my pocket, few people proposed to lend me some, I bought 2 jackets I saw before in a shop for a price of one (they started a sale suddenly), it also seems that I’m gonna get some bigger salary this month – more hours of work. Thank you 🙂

  17. Shreem Brezee is an excellant mantra, superb results, thanks Babaji

    1. Hi Rock, the ones who write like I found gold coins, things improved are all baba pilla’s servant they are here only to fool people who are in trouble. Note – when we are in bad situation we will always try everything to improve the situation and thats when these fake gurus like pilla take the opportunity and we end up loosing more. That’s the truth my friend do not believe in such things nothing is going to happen Just believe in God, Baba Pilla is not bigger than GOD. He is just an ordinary man with good marketing skills. I am a happy man now things are better I just go to the temple and take the blessings that it. Nothing more no baba’s and their stupid talks. I hope you understand what I wanted to say.

  18. Im not sure if this mantra works or no but Im sure pretty much anything works if u put faith in it and believe it to work before it does so in reality.
    Gaurav here seems to have started with a “this is fake” mentality even though he did the “ritual” thoroughly. Thats really not the way to go. Have a positive attitude while trying this or anything or atleast “I’ll give it a shot and see what transpires” sorttof curious attitude but never “I am gonna try bt Im already sure its fake”. That will never work no matter wat the technique is.

    1. Hi Priya, I read your comment. Now lets just show the entire world how true this mantra is. Let me tell I never started this mantra with a fake mentality for kind information. Things just started to be bad, once I started chanting, and let me tell you I always think positive. There are so many fake gurus who simply work for money and there are millions of gurus in India like pilla . If Pilla is a great saint then why does he charge for everything.
      Now lets come to the point, here is an opportunity for you to prove the entire world that the mantra is not fake. So all you have to do is whatever you own money, house, etc give it to me. And you simply chant this mantra. Let the entire world see if the situation changes hereon. If you have the faith in that fake mantra then accept the challenge or else just shut your mouth and go with that pilla and loot people’s money and do not comment henceforth. Everyone will get as per their karma, even you and that baba pilla will get it.

  19. Well, Shreem Brezee Definitely works and it works everytime.

    It works for all those who do it. As for saying who is fake and who is not it is for the people to decide.

    No one has ever explained what the Midbrain does. No one has ever explained how many layers one needs to open before the third eye opens. Yes , the midbrain miracle method works, the Shreem brezee chant works, yes thiruneelakantham works.If you want to negate something u can negate everything including oneself.If any wants to seriously get results and needs guidance he can mail me atjoylahiri@gmail.com. No money charged here.

  20. I have been chanting shreem brzee for months and have no results. I need money for car repair, eye glasses and monthy bills. Now what? I chant 1080 a day for one week. and at least 3 to 7 malas a day. I see nothing and it’s been a month or more. Hard to keep the faith when nothing is happening.

  21. I m facing black magic prblm. No one is ready to help me some witchcraft releted issue.
    I hv lost everything job work family money nw i m in rented house.
    I dont hv resource.
    Which mantra i should chant to get my money status and save my rest family.
    I need instant solution pls do reply

  22. sir pls telme how to get blessings of god lakshmi ji , i chat ” om kleem shreem brzee swaha” daily 10 mala’s in morning pls help to get lakshmi ji blessings, sir my age is 29 , im not geting job and not getting marriage sir pls help me thanking you sir

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