Om Mani Padme Hum: the Mani within the Lotus

Om Mani Padme Hum‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is also recited as ‘Om Mani Peme Hung’ but meaning is the same ‘the Mani within the Lotus’

So, what is Mani? And what is Lotus?

Mani is the center of our each chakra & Lotus is our blossomed chakra.

We have major 7 chakras, and each chakra is ‘Lotus’ that has ‘Mani’ inside – and the purity of a man, nourishes this flower, and causes it to explore more … and more. The bigger this “Lotus” will be, the bigger will be the aura. (I heard Sai Baba of Shirdi used to have 50 km wide aura)

The chant of this mantra purifies the chakras and tells that all chakras are Lotus and have Mani inside.

Why this Lotus does not blossom?

Simple, we ruin it. Negative feelings, negative thoughts and unbalanced emotions cause this Lotus to shrink & fade away and the Mani that is within it also gets invisible.

When this Lotus blossoms?

  1. When the Grace of a Guru and God prevail.
  2. When consciousness increases.
  3. When a person becomes pure.

How to blossom this Lotus?

  1. Chant of mantras purify the chakras.
  2. Healing energy like ‘Sanjivini Shakti’ helps to blossom the chakras.
  3. Consistent Sadhana/Meditation purifies the chakra.

Chakras and Nerves (Nadies)

There are 72 thousands nerves in our body, and from 72 thousands the main are three (3): Ida, Pingla and Susumna. Ida is said to be Moon Nerve (left nostril) and Pingla is said to be Sun Nerve (right nostril), and Susumna is in the center. And where these three nerves intersect the chakra is created.

The first (1) chakra is Muladhara (end of the spinal cord), second (2) is Swadishthan(between Muladhara and Navel), third(3) is Manipur (at Navel), fourth(4) is heart chakra (at heart), fifth(5) is Vishudhi  (at throat), sixth(6) is Ajna (between the eyebrows) and seventh(7) is Sahasrara (at center of top of the head)

Advantages when all chakras are blossomed

  1. There is continuous flow of cosmic energy in the body and a way to self realization.
  2. Prosperity, Success and all worldly achievements become easy.
  3. That person becomes spiritual, purer and loving to everyone.