How to ask for a favor

In Indian railway stations often you have seen a woman with a child, and while that woman asks you money she points to the child. And this child goes around in different laps throughout the day — otherwise what the “reason” of asking money a healthy woman can have.

So favor should have a “reason”, not cultivated like the above, but a genuine one — otherwise other person will feel cheated and think “you are dishonest”.

“If you do not favor me, I will take revenge” — this is like gangster, people of super ego may feel like this. If one has ego, die with it, don’t ask for a favor.

“Take this thing and favor me” — not everyone can agree to this if they are disinterested in your trading. If somehow few agree to your trading, it may create a loop, when they need that “thing”, they will favor again and again, whether you need it or not.

In sum up, favor + reason is a good approach. Without a “reason” it will be hard to figure out why you need a favor, and it will look like a command rather than a request.


Understanding “unconditional love”

Here is a meaning of unconditional love,  Juhi Chawla in conversation with Sadhguru. If you have any doubt about unconditional or love with detachment you can watch that. In fact it is the different meaning that we associate with different words as per our consciousness.

Unconditional love

A person broken by his or her family, I think, will opt for unconditional love because he or she doesn’t want to associate with anybody in the family.

Or a saint who doesn’t want to stay at same place or with the same kind of people, he or she will opt for unconditional love.

Or a professor who is loved by his students, will opt for unconditional love.

Conditional, Unconditional love

But when one is totally mad and deeply bonded with someone, he or she will not think about conditional or unconditional love, it is only when we are broken we start finding meaning.


Danger of Shabar Mantras

Give a gun to a little kid, either he will kill himself or kill you. Shabar mantras are like this, and day by day they are floating more and more on the internet: get your lost love by shabar mantras; take your boss under control by shabar mantras; destroy the life of your neighbour or relative. In one publication I read there are 100 crore shabar mantras. In all the regional language they are made, there is mantra for snake bite, there is mantra for headache or fever. For any problem you can find a shabar mantra, whether it is any animal, bird, human, angel, demon. or disease.

Almost in any Indian village you can find one or many people expert in shabar mantras. Some know few mantras and some know many mantras. Believe it or not. They either can make anybody’s life or take their life. No doctor or psychologist can trace what the exact problem the sufferer has.

You may have seen a person good in studies suddenly feels depressed and disinterested and it never leaves him; a woman falls in love with his driver; or a man turns mad about kamwali. Shabar mantra can play these type of havoc too.

If one is sensitive enough, they can quickly find out where is the change in energy, whether it is in body, or in mind, or in some place — and may find the cure sooner than who is insensitive to energy.

First came Sanskrit mantras. But with frequent misuse of them, one day Lord Shiva “keel (blocked)” those mantras, so that not anybody can misuse them so easily. As only literate could read the Sanskrit mantras. Later on, some Yogis started making mantras for illiterates in their local languages for cure and curse, and called Shabar Mantras. Lord Shiva did nothing to “keel” them, that’s why they work so fast.

DANGER IS, people may use them as they are easily available and easy to use. Good girl or boy can go with a wrong partner. A CEO or Manager can fail in their project. Relationship may suffer. Business may suffer losses. And these mantras also backfire if one doesn’t know how to use them properly. As they are easy to use, they can easily harm.

Think over: ( about ) Embarrassment, Shame, Arrogance

Embarrassment is humiliation. Shame  is guilt. And. Arrogance is anger. Do you agree with these terms? If no. Visualize two situations, in one when you felt embarrassed and in second when you felt humiliated. You can go for other terms also. You can say embarrassment is “mild” humiliation, but tell me what is the degree of humiliation itself when one feels too much and other feels too little. I think we have coined many words for the same context.

Vedic Raksha ( Protection ) Mantra

These mantras are meant to protect you from head to foot. Written by the sages Budhakaushika, Yagnavalkya and, Markandeya; they are Ram Raksha Strota, Shiv Raksha Strota, and Devi Kavcham. You can get them in a booklet from any Pooja shop (indian). for Ram for Shiva ( sung by Pandit Jasraj ) for Devi

Pick any one you like, understand their meaning before chanting, while chanting sync each sentence with the meaning you understood and emotionalize yourself according to the meaning and let your brain develop new neural network of safety and strength.

I have an idea

Most of time we drag ourselves back thinking — if people will be pleased or not, or what they will say; because we want to start everything right from the perfection, and that never happens.

Recently I read two approaches, first, scratch your own itch, means solves your own problem, when problem is solved — turn it into a business. For example, (1) I’m not happy with my blog design, then I will learn how to design, will improve its design, and consequently can make lots of design and sell ’em to other needy people; (2) suppose I’ve a certain health problem, I will find out the causes of the problem, and how to dig it out from its very root, and later on can write and sell a book on it — ‘coz millions of people suffer from the same problem.

Second approach is, don’t do things in solitude, whatever you do — show it to other people, take their opinion, and if majority says “yes” then go ahead. This is good when you are a politician, or a celebrity. But when you are struggling with your career, quality of other people either can ruin you or make you — and who knows how much wisdom they have to understand your path. Or, sometimes it happens, they never understand unless you show them how a finalized thing works.

Recently a man told me about his business idea and wanted to sought my opinion on it. I said, ” your idea is like your breath that lives with you day and night, and nobody can understand better than you, just give it a try on a small scale first, and see how it works.” I feel “original idea” has lots of potential in its seed state, if we give it a right nourishment and environment, it can turn in a giant tree.


My responsibility to readers

When you read this blog, you leave the whole world and concentrate here. For that sake I will keep on refining this blog as I grow side by side.


I’ll delete certain posts which I think I shouldn’t have written, like I shouldn’t have disclosed certain mantras which I did — mantra takes you in a whole new dimension, and now I feel for that guidance is very necessary; It’s not like that I catch certain mantra from somewhere and start chanting. Mantras are energy based and can do much harm than good; so like with breath based kriyas.

I’ll keep on deleting certain comments which criticize others: any religion, a guru, an organization, a book, or a person.

I’ve deleted profile based Google+, and apologize to the people who were there with me and request them to join at new Google+ page:


By profession I’m not a writer, sometimes feel helpless how to express in “fewer words” which is in my heart and mind. For that purpose, I’ve bought bunch of writing skill books, I’ll give considerable time to learn the things of the trade.


As smartphones and tablets are everywhere in the hands, I’ll work upon that fonts and design look soothing to the eyes in the multiple device.


I wasn’t well with me this blog also suffered: I could not write and with unwise decision, I changed permalink structure, removed tags and certain categories — this blog fell to its mouth. But as my health improves I commit to meaningful regular updates.

Fundamentals of Ayurveda in five seconds

Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth — they are five fundamental elements of nature, of our lives. Our body is made up of them, in Ayurvedic terms, “Space & Air, make Vata; Fire & Water, make Pitta; and Water & Earth, make Kapha. As red, blue and green color make a whole image; Vata, Pitta and Kapha make the whole body.

For Vata, Space is “cold” and Air is “dry”. For Pitta, Fire is “hot” and Water is “moist”. And for Kapha Water is “moist” and Earth is “heavy”. It is nothing but the inherent nature of the elements are taken. Vata controls movement; Pitta controls metabolism, and Kapha controls structure — of the body.

Imbalance of Vata means body organs turn dry and he is allergic to cold. The foods which give cold or dry effects are dangerous. Due to impact of Space and AIR, a person thinks a lot, feels restless, may turn insomniac; and his pain moves all over the body.

Imbalance of Pitta means there is fire inside the whole body and it is not dry but moist. Person suffering from Pitta must avoid the foods which give spicy effects. Otherwise his hair may turn grey (may be baldness), skin problems, stomach aches … and whole bunch of problems. And above all his behavior turns very intense, due to the effect of Fir.

Imbalance of Kapha, as it controls the structure of the body, ties one cell to another, you may have problems related to congestion, mucus, fluid, your tongue taste may be lost. As Earth is heavy, you may sleep more, procrastinate the things and may feel lazy. A person suffering with it, must avoid the foods which are heavy to digest or increase the Kapha.


A person may suffer from either any one of, Vata, Pitta and Kapha — or any combination of them.

Getting Diagnosed

An ayurvedic doctor finds out the imbalances by checking your “pulse”. And (should) tell what to eat and not to eat, suggest ayurvedic medicines — to create balance. Once your body is balanced, your energy is aligned and your are cured.

Where is the best ayurvedic clinic?

> and also check this for address.

Gayatri mantra contains mix of 24 Gods and Goddesses

24 are in fact beej mantras in Gayatri mantra which signifies respective God or Goddess. This is very potent mantra. It is cursed also, so that not any evil minded person could access its infinite wisdom, power and prosperity to make use of their evil purpose; what happened in case of Ravana, he made use of all the unprotected mantras only just for his evil purpose. You simply can’t remove its curse by chanting some Utkeelan mantras before it. To remove its curse you need to find a guru at the level of Vasistha and Viswamitra.

If that guru has chanted Gayatri mantra more than 1 crore and 25 lakhs times, and secondly he must not be hungry for money and fame, directly or indirectly. Then he may be worthy to guide you in Gayatri mantra. With that type of guru, the curse with this mantra is automatically removed.

24 beej mantras are in fact energies, when chanted, with their friction, the power hidden in each of them starts increasing, and a Sadhaka fulfills themselves with each of the followings:

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swa = signifies 3 worlds
Tatsavitur = Ta (Ganesh for success); Tsa (Narsimha for prakram); Vi (Vishnu for paalan); Tu (Shiv for shiv shakti); r joins va, see next.
Vareniyam = Rva (Krishna for yog shankti); Re (Radha for love); Ni (Lakshmi for money); Yam (Agni for tej shakti)
Bhargo = Bha (Indra for protection); Rgo (Sarswati for knowledge, intelligence)
Devasya = De (Durga for daman shakti); Va (Hanuman for devotion); Sya (Earth for dharan shakti)
Dheemahi = Dhee (Sun for pran shakti); Ma (Ram for character & values); Hi (Sita for tapa shakti)
Dhiyoyonah = Dhi (Moon for coolness, calmness ); Yo (Yum for kaal shakti ); Yo (Brahma for production ); Nah (Varuna for ras shakti )
Prachodayat = Pra (Narayan for aadarsh shakti ); Cho (Hayagreev for bravery); Da (Hans for Vivek); Yat (Tulsi for seva shakti)

Gayatri mantra is a solution to everything: whether you are suffering from black magic; whether you are lacking money and health; whether you lack love; whether you lack knowledge and shakti; whether you lack discrimination and patience–it removes all the lacks and sufferings.

# Gayatri mantra is not a tantrik mantra, it is a Vedic mantra.
# It demands a worthy guru / guide, having the qualities like of Vasistha and Viswamitra.
# It is the cure for everything; whatever is possible with other mantra, is possible with it — it contains everything in it.
# Other 24 Gayatri mantras (e.g., Ganesh Gayatri, Nirsimha Gayatri … Krishna Gayatri etc.,) which were made later on for respective God or Goddess are not Vedic but considered as Tantric mantras.

What is Winter Solstice?

Facts and figures for Winter Solstice:

– solstice = ‘sol’ for ‘sun’ + ‘sisto’ for ‘stop’; means the sun stops and changes direction.
– See solstice chart.
– This day the sun starts moving from ‘south’ to ‘north’.
– First day of winter? (Winter has already started 15-20 days ago!)
– Shortest day: technically Sun’s elevation at noon, gets lower (on the other hand for Summer solstice, the elevation of Sun gets higher, poles reversed from ‘north’ to ‘south’ and the day is the longest day.)

– It is also a movie .
– Animation for Winter Solstice, see Google’s doodle.

Time-pass gossips for Winter Solstice:

Sky is falling; day will get shorter each coming day; world is going to end — nothing like that is going to happen. I don’t know which year and in which country, but I’ve seen in news that some people burned their clothes and belongings in a hope ‘world would end that day.’