2 of 12 Jyotirling: Shri Kedarnath in Himalaya

Kedarnath Temple
Image: Naresh Balakrishnan

Badarinath and Kedarnath are two main Tirthas in Himalaya. It is said, without first visiting Kedarnath, visit to Badarinath turns useless. This temple is located in Himalaya region in Uttrakhand; Rishikesh is the nearest railway station; and Jolly Grant airport of Dehradun is the nearest airport. Other information you can get from badarikedar.org. If you have good pockets, there is helicopter service too that makes you visit not only Kedarnath but nearby areas too.

Story and history behind the temple

It is said, once avatars of lord Vishnu worshiped lord Shiva at Kedar mountain for many years. Pleased with their worship, lord Shiva fulfilled their wish, that was to live at Kedar in the form of Jyotirlinga. Since that time, Kedarnath is famous among Shiv bhaktas.

As this place in Himalaya, it is both soothing to the soul as well dangerous to the body. Many times, people think God will save them and carry on for their journey — it doesn’t happen, unless you are in direct contact with God.

1 of 12 Jyotirling: Shri Somnath in Saurashtra

Somnath temple is located in Gujarat; Veraval is nearest (around 5 kms) railway station; and Keshod is nearest airport. On somnath.org, you can find many other useful information.

Somnath Temple Image
Image: Anhilwara

History & story behind Somnath temple

King Daksha had twenty seven daughters, all of them were married to Chandra (moon). Among them, Rohani was most beautiful, and Chandra loved her more than any other. This made other sisters jealous and they complained to his father Daksha.

Daksha tried his best, but he couldn’t change Chandra’s mind; still Chandra loved Rohani more than any other. At last Daksha cursed Chandra, consequently Chandra caught a disease.

This made Chandra’s friends worried and they requested Daksha to take his curse back. And Daksha said,”Curse could be back, if Chandra loved all the wives equally and worshiped Shiva.” And Chandra started treating them equally and worshiping Shiva; where he worshiped, that place was called Somnath (Som = moon, Chandra; + nath = lord).

Trust in life

Image: Terry Johnston

How do you trust someone? By face value, by the words they speak, or by the flattery they do for you? If you think that’s true, I believe, that’s  just a deception. That’s why relationships fail and business deals fall to the ground.

Have you heard the story of King Vikramaditya? He was famous for his justice, he never failed for that. How did he do that? By intuition, or just by his mind? It is impossible to do justice with just these two things, when both parties involved aren’t truthful. He didn’t rely on the parties’ words; he took the help of his companion, Vaital, an ethereal being — he accessed both the parties’ past (when that incident happened), and on that base he did justice.

Have you met some good Gurus? Just by the look at your face, they can tell everything about you, even the past lives. Perhaps either they are awakened in themselves, or do so by their deity ( Durga, Kali, Hanuman, Peer, or other ethereal being ).

These kind of people, not only can access your past but can access the intentions behind your words. And they do not trust your words but they trust you intentions and the past you have lived earlier. You simply can’t make them fool.

A person who is neither awakened in themselves nor linked with a deity or an ethereal being — is bound to fail in life. Because they have no ground, on the basis, they could recognize whether the other person is trustworthy or not.

Use Rudraksha Indrakshi Mala to enjoy life like Indra

Indrakshi Mala
Image: Daderot

Rudraksha mala which contains beads from Ek Mukhi to Twenty One Mukhi — is called Indrakshi Mala. It is called Indrakshi Mala, ‘coz it is supposed to give fame, money, power and many other things like lord Indra.

Few Rudrakshas are available cheaply in the market, but others aren’t or come so expensive that they are hard to afford, for a normal person. And other thing is, unless you aren’t able to recognize original vs. fake Rudrakshas, probably you will get the fake ones.

The person who knows about tantra, can distinguish b/w original vs. fake Rudrakshas, and have money — he or she can have it.

Significance from One-Faced to Twenty-One-Faced Rudrakshas

Rudraksha Beads
Image: Krishnaprasadkkp

This is a long list of different kinds of Rudrakshas. Note that, it is not simply a bead, you can’t take it lightly — it is lord Shiva in miniature form. Each Mukhi (faced) is supposed to have its own specific mantra, when you do the ritual properly, Rudraksha comes from its dormant to full power, and helps in all sorts of life’s endeavors.

Ek Muki (1 faced) Rudraksha

This Rudraksha denotes Rudra, lord Shiva. In fact, all types of Rudrakshas denote lord Shiva; but it has special significance ‘coz it has one face. It is said, one who wears Ek Muki Rudraksha gets all sorts of prosperity; wins over enemies and diseases.

To check whether it is real or fake — take a glass of water, drop it in, wait for 25-30 minutes; if it is real, it is said, water should boil.

Dwi Mukhi (2 faced) Rudraksha

It denotes Aradhanarishwar: half man and half woman. It gives mental peace, concentration and spiritual progress. It is also considered good for Kundalini awakening.

Tri Muki (3 faced) Rudraksha

It denotes Rudra Agni (fire). As Agni burns everything, this Rudraksha burns all the diseases and gives strength. It is considered useful for curing piliya (jaundice), and eyes problems. For eyes, it should be rubbed on a stone, mix its few drops in milk and take in as a medicine. As it denotes fire, wearing it, a person remains active.

Chatur Mukhi (4 faced) Rudraksha

Lord Brahma also has four face. This Rudraksha denotes lord Brahma, that’s why it is useful in increasing memory, intellect and wisdom; very useful in one’s education or career. Milk boiled with this Rudraksha helps in eliminating mind related problems.

Panch Mukhi (5 faced) Rudraksha

It’s market value is cheaper than other Rudrakshas. Still I got one fake peace of it from Rishikesh, it was huge, so I gave the price he asked for, but later on when I washed it, it turned into two pieces (they used fevicol to make it up). So be careful even buying Panch Mukhi Rudraksha!

This Rudraksha also known as Kalagni; mostly used in Mala, it’s gram size beads are cheap; you can buy its mala from Rishikesh around Rs. 40-70; and elsewhere Rs. 350 – 500. Continue reading “Significance from One-Faced to Twenty-One-Faced Rudrakshas”

Ayurvedic properties of Rudraksha for many diseases

If you lick Rudraksha, you will find it strong, bit sour and little hot. It has the ability to heal Tri-Tapas: Dehic, Devik and Bhotik. Below are the few benifits, you can try:

  • Wearing Rudraksha beads help in eliminating all sorts of skin diseases; perhaps its vibrational frequency kills virus.
  • It helps in creating mental balance, helpful for the people who have mental imbalance. It also helps in minimizing or eliminating the tantrik attacks.
  • If you rub Rudraksha bead on a stone, mix it in honey, and take in — it helps in eliminating Kauf.
  • It helps in balancing blood pressure, people who are suffering from this everyday disease, should wear Rudraksha mala.
  • For high blood pressure, dip two-three beads of Rudraksha in water, leave it for whole night, in the early morning, just take water empty stomach. Note: you don’t have to eat, chew or rub Rudraksha.
  • Rudraksha beads also help in all kinds of heart diseases, one should wear its mala on the neck.

Significance of wearing different types of malas in life

Image: Wikipedia (Pearls of Life)

You have seen Sadhus or Tantriks wearing  different types of malas: different in nature, color and number of beads; made of gemstones, metal, plant’s wood, and many other stuff. They are supposed to help people reaching their goal in either one or all in — Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Here are few things about malas for your general knowledge:

  • Putrajiva mala helps in getting a son.
  • Moti mala helps in luck.
  • Mani mala helps in wealth.
  • Kush mala helps in destroying bad karmas.
  • Mala made of gold beads fulfill the wishes.
  • For Mukti, Shwet Shila Mala is considered the best.
  • Aristhamool Mala is for peace.
  • Rudraksha mala helps in Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.
  • Mala of 104 beads gives health.
  • Mala of 108 beads is good for everything.
  • Mala of 100 beads gives moksha.
  • Mala of 57 beads gives siddhi.
  • Mala of 27 beads gives Tantrik success.
  • Mala of 32 beads is considered good for attracting goddess Lakshmi.

Also for different sadhanas, different types of malas are considered, like, mala made of Haddi, Hakik, Coral, Haldi, Kamalgatta, Sfatik, Tulsi and so on.

We should not use mala unknowingly but should ask one’s Guru, which mala to use, when to use, and how to use.

Don’t forget these rules & advantages of wearing Rudrakshas beads

Sadhu Wearing Rudraksha
Image: nevil zaveri

We wear Rudraksha beads for health, wealth and spiritual upliftment. Here are some rules and advantages:

  • Anybody can wear Rudraksha, but it is considered good if we do mantra ritual along with.
  • The panchakshari mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” should be chanted; and bhasma on forehead while wearing Rudraksha.
  • It is said, without wearing Rudraksha whatever Ganga-snan, daan, homa, Japa, Puja or Praeschit we do — all go futile.
  • With impure intention and body, one must not wear Rudraksha beads.
  • We can wear Rudraksha mala made with the thread of gold, chandi (silver), or simply red thread.
  • A man can wear Rudraksha beads on wrist, neck, and stomach.
  • Shiva bhakta should wear Rudraksha beads in odd numbers on wrist as a Kada.
  • Wearing Rudraksha ring on any of right hand finger is considered good for wish fulfilment.
  • People who take bath while wearing Rudraksha beads on head, it is considered as good as bathing in holy Ganga.
  • Who worships and wears Rudraksha daily, he becomes rich like a king.
  • After wearing it, it is said, our wish comes true within 40 days if we have intense faith in it and in lord Shiva.
  • While wearing it, if we sit on a Aasan,  and having face on East, and do mantra jap — the jap comes successful.
  • Sight of Rudraksha gives Punya; touch of it gives more Punya; wearing of it, gives many times more Punya; and japa of it, gives many many times more Punya.
  • To please lord Shiva, Daan of Rudraksha is considered the best.
  • At the time of death, person wearing Rudraksha goes to Shiv loka.
  • One should wear Rudraksha on head, ears, neck and around navel.
  • Who wears Rudraksha beads like this — (16+16) Arms + 1 (Head) + (12+12) Wrists + 32 (neck) +40 (forehead)+ (1+1) Ears + 6 (Chest) — is considered like a lord Shiva.
  • Rudraksha in the size of a gram is considered worst; in the size of Ber is considered medium; and in the size of Awla is considered the best.
  • Rudrakshas are four in color: white, red, yellow and black; as per one’s dharma (nature), one should select their color.
  • Rudraksha which is strong, big, and smooth — is considered the best.
  • If you check it on Kasoti, it will leave the mark like the real gold leaves.

History of Rudraksha: When Shiva invoked Aghor Astra

Once a demon named Tripura started creating imbalance to life, he harassed everyone men, women and devatas. When he couldn’t be killed, devatas approached lord Shiva for his guidance.

As Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, are responsible for creating balance, if anyone’s of them help is sought, they find and give solution to create dharma.

This time everyone, including Brahma and Vishnu, approached lord Shiva to kill that demon, Tripura. He was strong and couldn’t be killed so easily; So lord Shiva had to take a special weapon to kill him. He thought for a moment, and closed his eyes to invoke the deadly weapon Aghor Astra and when he opened his eyes, one thousand years have passed (in their time span). And in this process few drops of tears fell from his eyes, they turned Rudraksha (eyes of Rudra).

As tears are precious to everyone, Rudrakshas are precious to lord Shiva. And who wears them, gets the grace of lord Shiva.

How to find Shwetark Ganpati from Aak plant

Aak Plant
Image: sarangib

Have you seen Aak plant? This is a jungly plant you can find anywhere in India, but what I’m referring to is — white Aak plant with white flowers, that’s not found so easily.

In this image, it is though Aak plant with white flowers but not white in itself. I wish I could get that exact image for you.

Anyway, when you find that plant, worship him and take it out from its very root, don’t every try to cut it. And from its root try to take its skin out, you will find Ganpati right there.