Words of any spiritual guru don’t help; knowledge from the greatest scriptures doesn’t work — unless there is a sharp mind to discriminate b/w real and unreal and then firm conviction to leave unreal and to establish in real, forever.

Mind exists on veiling and projection. The reality is prior to the mind. Firm conviction helps defeating it with itself.

Here is authority on firm conviction:

Ribhu Gita

“Being the Self of the nature of firm conviction filled with the Reality of firm conviction, being the peaceful Self of firm conviction, with a mind of firm conviction, being all-full Self of firm conviction, being blemishless with firm conviction, being the individual Self of firm conviction — all doubts are destroyed thus. Firm conviction alone is the hallmark of the knowledge of Brahman [Self] here.” 24-26, chap 23, Ribhu Gita

“Firm conviction alone is the criterion of verbal knowledge. Firm conviction alone is the cause for the wealth of liberation here.”  27 chap 23, Ribhu Gita

“Other than this firm conviction, there is no liberation, none, none at all — be of this determination. Certitude is the cause of liberation. Indeed, there can be no other cause.” 14, chap 47, Ribhu Gita

Bhagavad Gita

“By becoming fixed in this knowledge, one can attain to the transcendental nature like My own. Thus established, one is not born at the time of creation or disturbed at the time of dissolution.” 14.2, Bhagavad Gita As It Is

Master of Self Realization

“One who has absolutely no doubt, is the Siddha,” – Siddharameshwar

“When your loyalty is proven, the state of Brahman [Self] is yours.” – Siddharameshwar

Words of Nisargadatta Maharaj

“You must have a firm conviction that ‘I am’ is only that ‘I am’  without body-mind form – the knowledge ‘I am’ purely. You say all these things, but has the knowledge come within the purview of the knowledge? You must have that full conviction, whatever you may have said, that is the truth and that is ‘I am’. There are no techniques, except the technique that ‘I am’ the firm conviction that ‘I am’ means ‘I am’ only, abidance in ‘I’. Don’t practice this thing, only develop your conviction.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Words of Poonjaji (Papa ji)

“You have to be very strong and tight fisted with your decision not to be lead away by those friends who trouble you. Shun their company, even if they are related to you. Nobody can trouble you if you decide to be free. You have to make a firm decision then nothing can trouble you. If you are weak, everybody will trouble you. But if you simply keep quiet I don’t think any thought can come. Simply decide to sit quiet. Then nothing can touch you. Until now it is only that your decision has been weak.” – Papaji

Once Vishnu and Brahma see a pillar of light of infinite length. They bet each other “Who finds its end will be superior to other.” Vishnu goes down and down, and Brahma up and up — time passes by but end is not coming. When their efforts dry out, they start returning to original place. While returning Brahma sees a flower coming down from the above and asks it to become a witness that he has seen the end of pillar — the flower agrees (How can it refuse to Brahma?). Consequently Brahma proves his superiority over Vishnu with his lie.

Now Shiva, who is the pillar of light himself, gets angry. With rage he takes spear and cuts down one of five heads with which Brahma has uttered a lie. Since then Brahma is seen with four heads.

Oops! Brahma denotes Sattvic quality, and he contains four Vedas in his hand. Maybe after losing one of his heads he becomes Sattvic stuff. Or, we can understand the qualities (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) are interchangeable and ego has part in it. The real state is stateless, beyond qualities. In a quality still duality appears. If Self is identified with any of the qualities — it is lost, which might have happened to Brahma.

Before leaving home:

  • Chew Paan on Sunday
  • Use Mirror on Monday
  • Eat Dhania on Tuesday
  • Eat Rai on Wednesday
  • Eat Rice on Thursday
  • Eat Dehi on Friday
  • Eat Ghee on Saturday

And, they say that above help in numerous ways: removing obstacles, protection from negative energies and attacks and so on.

I wonder, if these kinds of things work, how do they work? What is the energy concept behind ‘em? As everything is none but made of energy.

In Hindi we say “Tere Dimak Par Parda Pada Hua Hai,” when we find a person can not see through something. In English it is “veiling.”

We understand scriptures, other great books, the teachings of great spiritual gurus, talk and discuss about ‘em–yet we do all the things according to our old ideas or say conditioning. When we act this way, we are suffering from the veiling syndrome.

That’s why any amount of spiritual knowledge never works; because we never work on veiling, but work on the ego–we know this and that.

A great woman shakes me inside, when I see her in 25 or 25 plus years of long sadhana, chanting Rama and Rama; but she is so racist she can not eat food or take water if she finds that it is touched by a low caste person. She wears “tulsi mala” and even has donated a cow, considering cow will help after her death.

Or, some people when they find you have left their guru; they either drag you back again, or if you don’t give in, they unfriend you. I wonder if spirituality is some kind of politics.

Seriously, if your consciousness is stick to nonsense, it will only produce that–no matter how much amount of Sadhana you do. Our “Self” is so powerful, whatever comes in it, is manifested in many folds.

Whatever we feel, think and put in memory–is not different from Sadhana. Suppose, if 2 hours go in Sadhana and 6 hours go in jealousy and hatred. Will Sadhna be beneficial? No! It is just not a ritual but it is more about understanding and wisdom, and using them even in the smallest act of our lives.

I’ve seen many families destroyed: people either divorced or ruined out of their lives. It is just not b/w a husband and wife but it affects their brothers, sisters and parents. I don’t think everyone smoothly sail through the bond of marriage. When they choose the wrong ship, it is bound to be drowned. Better learn some swimming?

The things I’m going to talk about perhaps you are not aware of: when parents of wrong mentality marry their girl in other family, they want all the members (mainly the brother) of her husband must die and all the property for the girl. And reverse also true when a boy wants to take over of his in-laws property. It is something like a king who spreads his empire by killing those who don’t surrender to him.

The fault is not in stars but in choice! People think if a girl is beautiful and educated, that’s enough. Or a boy if earns well, that’s enough. In each side of family one needs a boy and other needs a girl–and they discard the rest of the family. And don’t bother about the family’s history, values or the wrong values, way of thinking, mentality and so on. What happens next? Imagine. Disaster!

On the other hand, some people do care about the air of the family: values and mentality. And for them it doesn’t matter if the girl is not educated right now, and boy doesn’t earn well right now–they know if seeds are good and well nourished, the fruits are going to be sweeter, sooner or later. But these type of people are less: they are the people who have known life, have solid understanding about it, know that inner makes the outer.

In fact choosing wrong or right partner, happens both in love and arrange marriage. It’s all depend upon what the insight or poor sight, they have inside. Wrong choice, obviously, is terrible. Get away as fast and as soon as possible.

Bird is fast and ant is slow. So are the ways of Self Realization. What Krishna taught to Arjuna and what Ashtavakra taught to Janaka, and Vasishta taught to Rama, was the Bird’s way. Ant’s way is not based on understanding but on rituals, mantras, japa, meditation techniques and so on–it takes time. But the Bird’s way is quick.

Teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Poonjaji, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Ranjit ji are based on Bird’s way. And there are many spiritual texts which are just based on Bird’s Way, like Ribhu Gita, Advaita Bodha Deepika, Ashtavakra Gita, Yog Vasishta and the books of aforesaid masters.

Ant’s way is filled up with uncountable gurus, and it may take years or life after life with them. And a daily schedule to follow their procedures. On the other hand with Bird’s way, if you really understand what is taught, the game of seeker and search is finished.

King Janaka saw a dream at night that he had become a beggar. And became confused whether he was dreaming in day time as as a king or the dream at night was real life. He summoned the wisest people and put the confusion to them. Some said that night was true and some said that day was true but reaching on no conclusion. However, perplexities kept growing.

Finally his confusion was solved.

His guru Ashtavakra told him that he was dreaming in both states: at night and in day time; and nothing was true as far as he was dreaming. Same was told to Rama by Vasishta that samsara (world) is none but a dream. (You can check both Ashtavakra Gita and Yog Vasishta.)

So, who is not dreaming? And what does create the dream?

The answer is thoughts, factory is mind. Thinking is dreaming. If this factory is not closed off, it will keep on dreaming–this is for what it is made for. Krishna in Gita says that Yogi doesn’t sleep: it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take rest, he does but his dreaming is stopped in both day and at night.

How to stop this bloody dreaming.

Ask yourself that whom do the thoughts come? And to whom they do come, is bound by the thoughts, but in reality you are beyond both, so leave both and just be in that.

Rama is Self; Sita (the wife of Rama) is the peace of mind; Ravana (the demon of 10 heads) is 10 sense organs; Indrajit (the son of Ravana) is “ego”; Hanuman, means Hanu + Man, someone who kills the mind or say thoughts is called Hanuman; Lakshman, Laksh + man, someone whose mind is on target is called Lakshman.

Now you make up a story. What happens when sense organs are uncontrolled, they take away the peace of mind. Sense organs are uncontrolled due to ego. So Hanuman and Lakshman both help in taking the peace of mind back — by killing ego with the help of right thoughts, and taking charge of sense organs. This way peace of mind is back to the Self.

When trust comes everything flows itself. We cannot force trust. We cannot accept trust. It flows itself to itself; then, we don’t care — unwiring our hearts and minds, disclosing all the secrets, wounds, weaknesses, triumphs and so on.

When people hide things, though we cannot prove, but we know intuitively — and trust starts leaking. That’s why relationship fails. Love fails and lover fails.

Love without trust is like a rotten food, you poison your body and mind. People say after one year of marriage love is lost, I think trust is lost — ‘coz when we live together, we can recognize certain masks and pretenses, they play or have played.

We continuously need spiritual gurus, look into scriptures — ‘coz our relationships are not evolving. In fact, they are killing — since childhood to until deathbed — we want to solve our relationships through ‘em, our lives and karmas through ‘em. Much faster we do much better it is — one way or the other, they make us learn whom to trust or whom to not.