Shodashakshari & Panchadashakshari – Mantras

Shodashakshari Mantra: This is one of the famous and powerful mantra, and its secrets are unexplainable it has 16 letters.

This mantra is –

Ka Ye E La Hrim Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim Sa Ka La Hrim Shrim

Panchadashakshari Mantra: This also very powerful mantra, and it has 15 letters; and it is also called Shri Vidya Mantra.

It is –

Ka Ye E La Hrim Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim Sa Ka La Hrim

Note: The difference between Shodashakshari & Panchadashakshari, Mantra is of Shrim only. These mantras are the most powerful, miraculous, mysterious and unexplainable. Only a fortunate disciple gets diksha of these mantras from a Guru, and these mantras starts opening the secrets of the life and beyond the life.

These mantras are tested and have been used by number Gurus and Masters of India. A mantra actually becomes a mantra when it is given the by the Guru, and a Guru tells a proper guideline and procedure.

13 thoughts on “Shodashakshari & Panchadashakshari – Mantras”

  1. Thank you very much for posting these mantras on line i have no words to express thank you enough my english is not good but any way i really appriciate for this i can not go to india and attend the shvir so i was always looking on line that some body can help me and give knowledge about shiv baba and avdoot baba, now there is some one who can answer my religious questions which i am confused about. Thanks for posting all the information which is 1000% true.

  2. Please give me disha on importance of mantra. I am seaking the ultimate truth. Please mail me

    1. Thanks Dr. Roshan for comment. Each mantra has different vibrations, try to use different mantras time to time, and you will know the difference.

      Keep on seeking, give all your efforts in seeking; there are lots of spiritual Gurus, listen each one of them and take from each one of them what benefits you — until you reach inclusiveness and the truth you are seeking.

      Thanks again for visiting!

      1. Dear all. U have got the mantra but u still have not got the rights to chant it. So, seek a “TRUE” GURU and get diksha frm him. Then chant these mantras.

  3. Kindly tell me what is VISHNU SHODAKSHARI MANTRA ,the lyrics and the method of chanting it

  4. want to do upasna lalita shastra as done 1000 lalita sahastara statra now what to do

  5. these SHODAKSHARI MANTRA andPanchadashakshari, Mantra are available in which pran, plz tell us

  6. I do not have any guru . So can i chant Shodashakshari & Panchadashakshari – Mantras on my own ? If yes , then pls tell me the procedure to do it.

  7. @ Diya,

    Mantra’s are normally initiated by a Perfect Guru ( Learned Person ) alone. It is advisable you take proper diksha from the Guru itself and then commence chanting of Mantra’s. Again, if the mantra’s are not chanted properly then they can produce -ve effects in some cases. So, always seek a Guru’s advice and then start with chanting.

    God bless! All the best.

  8. I am so glad to have the knowledge about this spiritual devine mantra , i M SO LUCKY TO KNOW THIS, i love so much my dear mahashakthi , tripurasundari rajarajeshwari ,the most powerfull spirit of the globe.

  9. I am from Singapore. In Singapore, there is no guru to be found and its super hard.

    Nevertheless, i WANT to chant the manthra for the maha meru.
    How can i learn? Can i learn from youtube and chant?

    Please kindly advice on the process & procedures on how to do as finding Guru in Singapore is hard.

    Nothing is impossible, there should be an alternative way. Please help.


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