Spiritual Guidance: Top 7 Tips

We seek spiritual guidance most of the time when we face problems in our life and feel spiritual guidance will wipe out all the problems. In fact, this is correct! And this is correct also; if we follow spiritual guidance consistently then no problem will come in life.

I used to make notes of spiritual teachings of various enlightened beings. This time too, I am sharing from my collection.

Ask Universe, it will respond, it must

Yes this is true; universe listens to each word of ours and responds also. The universal consciousness has all the answers, just collect and align all the energy of emotions, thoughts and feelings and ask earnestly to the universe and wait for response. And, I’m sure you will get.

What we resist, strengthen

Just take an example of fishes they never resist to ocean – if they resist they will lose their energy. The meaning comes is that – don’t try to over control your life. If you resist something, it will strengthen.

Fan your dreams with emotions

Emotions are the energy and the realistic dreams nurtured by emotions always come true. Emotions are precious and they shouldn’t be wasted.

Gratitude gives 100% in return

Gratitude develops magnetic pull and it is the biggest secret of materialization. What we like, it comes to us; what we dislike, it goes away.

Be in harmlessness to attain powers

God gives spiritual power only to those, who are unable to harm anybody by their actions, by their thinking and even by feelings and emotions.

Give unconditional love to explore your chakras

In lack of unconditional love, the heart chakra is blocked. And, if the heart chakra is opened by unconditional love; it becomes easy to open other chakras.

Forgive and seek forgiveness

It will release the negative energy of revenge and agony. And helps to cut the karmic connection and makes the way easy to get self realization. Until, we forgive or not be forgiven – it is hard to get self-realization.

Live passionately

Spirituality is not for beggars, live with passions, be expressive and be always be what you are. You are neither lower nor higher; neither superior nor inferior – you are unique; love the way, you are.

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