Top social awareness topics of national and international levels

Collective awareness and improvement help in creating a better life. Social awareness is important to know what we and others are contributing to society. Social awareness is the responsibility of every citizen of any nation to spread all the information, which could give better way of life. Below are some topics of social awareness, which I suggest you to worth considering; if, you think some topics are lacking please let me know.

  • Terrorism
  • Child labor
  • Child abuse
  • Assaults on women
  • Early age marriage
  • Suicides
  • Right of education
  • Equal education world-wide
  • Govt. duty for citizens
  • Citizen responsibilities for nation
  • Spiritual quotient for social development
  • Freedom of expression
  • Help centers for sudden natural calamities
  • Effects of movies, video games, and internet on children
  • Abortion and pre-delivery sex-check
  • Orphanage
  • Old aged homes
  • Criminal activities
  • Duty of police
  • Law and order
  • Unemployment
  • War and domestic violence
  • Medical and insurance facilities to poor
  • Religious fights
  • Fraud gurus and blind faith
  • Equal respect to professions
  • Ethics for politicians
  • Ethics for Govt. job
  • Transparent political structure

Till now, only these topics came into my mind. I know, list may go any longer, I ask you to contribute the social problem you have seen at your regional, national or at international areas. This article is only concerned about “social awareness topics,” for solution we will discuss in coming articles.

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  1. Hey have to make a poster presentation of any one topic among these ……so can u suggest me d topic and i request u to provide me the notes of that particular topic as soon as possible…

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    I want some video ad links of this above list, my team is working on social awarness campaign by providing free social awarness commercial ads during our live radio shows.

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